Roofing Pros’ List of 2021 New Years Resolutions

Has there ever been a better time than now to set some New Year’s resolutions? The year 2021 is just days away and many contractors are more than ready to bid tumultuous a 2020 good riddance

While in some parts of the country severe weather, including a record-breaking Atlantic hurricane season, kept roofing pros busy with repair work, 2020 was generally a challenge for roofing professionals and retail businesses in general, thanks to COVID-19. The New Year to come promises to be better. After all, how could it be any worse?

Not all obstacles are out of the way, but it is a time to put the past behind us and make the most of the opportunities that lie ahead.  Making 2021 a banner year for your roofing company will require bringing all your business skills to bear… effectively marketing your services, generating bids, closing sales and providing outstanding customer service. What can also drive your success in 2021 and the new decade is some self-examination. What are the New Year’s resolutions you can make to improve your life… improvements that can lead to becoming a better business owner or employee?

Take a look at these Top 10 New Year’s resolutions for roofing pros, and consider whether you can commit to pursuing some or all of these worthwhile goals.

1. Earn More Money!

That’s easy to say, but not so easy to do.  Make this goal one of your 2021 New Year’s resolutions by looking at ways to attract more property owners in need of roof work.

iRoofing Can Help!

Since you can create an unlimited number of DIY roof reports quickly, accurately, and easily with the iRoofing portable app for iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets, try “cold calling” new prospects by sharing free estimates with people who clearly have aging or damaged roofs. Chances are you’ll get positive responses by property owners asking… “How did you do that?” when they see their very own roof measured, diagrammed, and initially evaluated despite you having done it all remotely!

2. Embrace Technology

If you feel you’re behind the curve a bit when it comes to applying cutting-edge technology (which can help save time and money in your roofing business), it’s never too late to discover the conveniences of roofing technology that enables you to perform roof takeoffs remotely using satellite aerial, drone or uploaded blueprint images. Make 2021 the year you up your roofing technology game!

iRoofing Can Help!

iRoofing is the world’s best do-it-yourself application for your roofing operation.  Measure, estimate, simulate and present job proposals to as many clients as you wish, at a low, fixed monthly or annual subscription fee. As property owners’ preferences now lean less towards face-to-face meetings during the roof inspection and sales processes, much more of your interactions with them can be done virtually. And make no mistake, your technology skills will impress clients to no end.

3. Become More Organized

Running a small to mid-sized business, while doing a lot of work at job sites yourself, can get very challenging.  In 2021, find ways to get better organized so you can manage more work and satisfy more customers.

iRoofing Can Help!

All your measurements, estimates, property photos, customer profiles, call-back reminders, and more are organized and instantly accessible in the iRoofing portable app. Impress your customers with better communication and your uncanny “memory” of every aspect of their roofing needs thanks to the iRoofing Customer Database.

4. Meet New People

door to door roofing sales

Canvassing your service area to help property owners recognize potential roof and gutter vulnerabilities due to wear and tear or storm damage visible from the street is a great way to soft-sell your services and meet new prospects. There’s no need to sell them anything they don’t immediately need, but rather simply advise them of any issues you noticed from driving by their home or business. Establish a friendly business connection and let them know your company is there to respond when a need arises.

iRoofing Can Help!

Since iRoofing lets you create unlimited roof measurement reports fast and with no cost-per-address, whipping up a quick, professional sketch and marking-up property images with condition issues you suspect may lead to leaks in the near future is a great way to illustrate to a homeowner the perils of neglecting their roofing needs. You can convey the information to them in the form of a mailbox stuffer or door hanger. When you obtain their email address through their responses by phone or via your website, you can follow up with a digital proposal to them and recommend a proper roof inspection.

5. Dress for Success

Is there brand continuity in every aspect of your business?  Do your truck wraps match nicely with your logo and business cards? Does your website design and online messaging also reinforce your brand identity? If so, great!  Then, chances are you already have logo’ed company apparel like t-shirts, polos, and caps. If you haven’t completed your brand presence with a customized “wardrobe,” do it in 2021.  Property owners feel more comfortable and confident dealing with contractors who have their act together from head to toe.

iRoofing Can Help!

iRoofing’s in-app Digital Pitch Book provides you the perfect means of showing off your brand.  Your pitch book can display your credentials including your certifications and licenses, examples of past jobs you’ve done, an explanation of your installation “process,” samples of the roof materials you like to use, and of course pictures of your team. Your team photos always look better when you and your teammates are donning the corporate colors!

6. Volunteer and Give More to Charity

Your business is a vital part of your local community. Roofing contractors are perceived as essential service providers, always there in times of need when storms strike or other factors cause homes and workplaces damage that requires immediate assistance. Reinforce your role as a member and friend of the community by getting involved in charities, local youth sports and fundraising events.  Sponsor a Little League team and earn brownie points with the local citizenry. Your generous commitment of time and interest outside of just selling your services will engender great appreciation and brand appeal.

iRoofing Can Help!

Differentiate your business as a Hi-Tech Roofing ProTM to heighten memorability of your brand and create interest among property owners, who will wonder how technology makes you a better choice for their roofing needs. When customers realize you use drones and satellite technology to achieve efficiency and deliver better service and value to them, your chances of generating inquiries will grow. By getting involved in local charities, sports teams and events, you create another opportunity to set yourself apart and communicate your message in a more intimate and receptive way.  So, 2021 is a great time to turn over a new leaf and support the community in new ways as a Hi-Tech Roofing ProTM with the iRoofing app!

7. Develop New Skills

You’re not just a roofing pro, you’re a creative, imaginative human being who can do anything they put their mind to! Make 2021 the year you spend more time pursuing a new talent – whether it contributes to your livelihood or not. Wood craftsmanship and other artistic pursuits, sports, writing or learning to play an instrument are all things you can try and surely discover a talent you didn’t know you possessed.  If you prefer to engage in new or creative activities that can directly contribute to your business skills, that works too!

iRoofing Can Help!

If what you prefer to pursue is a new skill that can directly contribute to your business, iRoofing is the quintessential teaching tool and iRoofing’s team of software consultants are your ideal guidance counselors.  Training and support for iRoofing subscribers is always free and unlimited, too! Become a proficient roof simulation expert using iRoofing’s Roof Visualizer tool. Now you’re not just a conventional roofing contractor, but an architect or designer of sorts who can quickly create digital roof simulations to show a customer what any roofing or siding product will look like on an image of their own property!  You can even do side-by-side product simulations, which have proven to close deals more efficiently.

8. Adopt a Pet/Mascot!

After a tough year of financial stress, political differences and social distancing, 2021 is the year to start spreading the love. Building your business and opportunities for your employees is one way to care for others and make the world a better place, but don’t forget about your community’s little animals in need of love and care, too. Believe it or not, a pet can be a great asset to your brand as well as a loyal friend and companion. 

iRoofing Can Help! has an extensive blog that provides entertainment and instructive insights into the roofing profession and how you can drive your business forward in 2021. There’s a reason why almost every sports team has a mascot – often in the likeness of a feline or canine – and the same reason applies to a business like yours!  Here’s how other roofing companies have used Man’s best friend to champion their business and warm the cockles of the hearts of owners and employees.

9. Reinvent Yourself

Starting a Roofing Company

What if you’re not yet a roofing pro, but dreaming of becoming one and making a good, honest living doing great work for others in your community?  If you’re someone who’s looking to reinvent themselves in 2021, good for you! The world is your oyster. Crack it open and grab the pearl!

iRoofing Can Help!

iRoofing is an essential tool for new contractors.  Start a roofing business the right way by getting on board with roofing technology that helps you bid more and close more sales. On Day-1, you’ll look just like a seasoned veteran of the roofing business by generating highly professional, accurate roof reports with illustrated diagrams that practically sketch themselves. Your digital proposals will contain images you’ve captured by satellite, aerial, or drone images notated with drawings and text that explain exactly what are the property owner’s roof conditions. Manufacturers’ digital catalogs of roofing products, including asphalt shingles, ceramic tiles, metal roofing, cedar shake, composite roofing, and commercial, flat roofing are all contained in the iRoofing app! Click here for great tips on how to start a roofing business.

10. Become More Social

Some of the busiest roofing contractors are those who devote time to their social media presence.  This New Year, make a resolution to “socialize” on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and other places frequented by your customers and prospects. Show off your work and generate great leads!

iRoofing Can Help!

iRoofing’s digital sales presentations can link your customers to each of your social channels. When you’re a Hi-Tech Roofing ProTM with the iRoofing app, you connect with 21st Century consumers in ways they expect a modern, efficient business to. Your iRoofing Digital Pitch Book, coupled with your Facebook, Instagram and other social media provides more ways to display your finished products and move customers to choose you over roofing contractors who are “behind the times.”

Wishing You a Prosperous 2021

Your New Year’s resolutions are important.  Even if a few of your goals fizzle out, some will stick, leading you to personal and professional growth in 2021. We’re rooting for you! 

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