Top Dog Breeds for Roofing Pros

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Top dog breeds

You think this is just clickbait, don’t you? Well it’s not and, to get through this doggone list, we promise you’re not going to have to click NEXT, NEXT, NEXT interminably while being force-fed ads for college loan debt relief! Nope… All the rooftop breeds are right here without commercial interruption. 

We worked hard to find the best dogs for roofing professionals and what makes each pooch such a perfect fit for your highly specialized line of work. So, without further adieu, here are the best ruff-ruffers for all you roof-roofers!

Best dogs for roofers

dress up your dog

#6 Chihuahua

Key Attribute: Personality

These tiny dogs have gigantic personalities. While they may not seem like the type of breed for a tough, hardworking roofing contractor like you, that’s kind of the point. Similar to roofing software which lets you do a lot of your work from a smartphone or tablet, Chihuahuas are smart and portable!  Dress up “Bubbles” in your company team wear (see our blog – Dress for Roofing Success) and bring her on sales calls.  When the homeowner comes to the door she’ll take one look at you and your chihuahua and say, “Hired!”

roofing contractor dogs

#5 Doberman Pincher

Key Attribute: Intimidating

These dogs look mean but they’re big teddy bears. Nevertheless, you’ll be surprised at how subservient people can be when you bring along your muzzled Doberman to greet them. We recommend taking “Jaws” with you whenever you meet with an insurance adjuster to finalize the roof replacement estimate.  You and Jaws know how much the job will cost and together you can quickly convince the adjuster to estimate at least that much!

roofers' best dog breeds

#4 Dachshund

Key Attribute: Noisy

You’ve invested a lot of time and money getting your brand to be noticed. Recently we showcased the fantastic graphics roofing pros use on their trucks. Now, imagine driving your logo-emblazoned truck down a busy thoroughfare. People are seeing your logo, your phone number, and your website address. If you could blast Aerosmith tunes from a hood-mounted loudspeaker or constantly honk your horn to get even more attention, you would. But, there’s a better way to stretch the advertising dollars you sunk into those truck wraps. Bring your Dachshund on all your service calls. Let her hang her head out the window and, as this breed is known to do, she won’t stop barking her head off. We guarantee you’ll double your truck wrap brand impressions!

bully brutus the dog pound

#3 American Bulldog

Key Attribute: Iconic

Of all the possible brand mascots, we believe nothing approaches the appeal of the American Bulldog. Far less annoying than a British- accented GEICO Gecko; more logical than an AFLAC-quacking duck; and far more cuddly than the Limu Emu, the American Bulldog is a shoo-in for the best mascot a roofing company can have. McEnany Roofing knows all about it. They, along with countless college sports teams have already claimed this wrinkled, portly breed as their own… trotting “Bully,” “Boomer,” and “Brutus” out onto the fields of play before the deafening roar of adoring fans. Now it’s your turn to collaborate with these canines. People will drool over your bulldog mascot just like he drools on your shoes. 

McEnany roofing
Roof dog Huck

#2 Golden Retriever

Key Attribute: Fetches

Almost every dog breed can be taught to fetch, but Goldies do it with true instinct and mucho gusto. As a working man, you can attest to the frustration of losing or misplacing things on the job, right?  Often, it seems like you put a tool down right next to you, only to turn around a few minutes later to pick it up… yet, it mysteriously disappeared! It happens with hammers, screwdrivers, tape measures and other bite-sized items you can’t finish a job without.  It’s frustrating! Imagine being able to simply shout, “Huck, get the ripping bar,” and away he goes returning promptly with the goods and dropping it right at your feet. No dog breed does it better than the Golden Retriever. Plus, its strong, lanky stature affords it the strength to lift and retrieve everything from tinning snips to downspouts. Take it from Huck, the roof dog, pictured above. 

roofing mascot

#1 Mutt

Key Attribute: Awesomeness

Despite lacking any discernible bloodline and devoid of trendy popularity like overhyped Frenchies and Labradoodles, the Mutt is the quintessential Man’s Best Friend. Forever thankful to you for accepting him into your roofing family, the loyal Mutt just wants a chance to represent your brand. If you don’t yet have roofing’s perfect ambassador on your staff, head off to your nearest Human Society and adopt a needy little Mutt who will love you for life, like “Booger” here – the official mascot of iRoofing!  

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