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Key Features

  • Create accurate, professional roof measurement reports in minutes
  • Roof measurements app for tablets, phones and desktops
  • Unlimited reports from Satellite, Aerial, Drone & Blueprints
  • Clearoof™ for unobstructed aerial roof measurements
  • Determine precise roof pitch from a street view photo
  • Free Training & Software Support

The iRoofing roof measurement calculator allows you to create accurate, professional roof measurement reports in minutes, from an iPad, iPhone, Android tablet or Android phone. There’s no need to order reports, then wait to receive them. Simply use iRoofing to measure roofs from satellite, aerial drone or blueprint imagery and quickly create your own report.

There’s no cost per- roof measurement and every membership includes unlimited access for three devices. Take control of your measurements with the iRoofing aerial, drone, blueprint, and satellite roof measurements tool and start saving time and money!

Whether you’re installing shingles, metal roof panels, tile, composites, slate, shake, or commercial roofs, the iRoofing measuring app will increase your efficiency, helping you save time, increase sales, and grow your business.

Undeniable Accuracy

iRoofing wouldn’t be worth its salt if it wasn’t accurate. We’ve worked hard to incorporate all the tools you need to assure roof measurements that translate to precise estimates and minimal material waste.

Scaling a ladder and crawling atop a roof can be time-consuming and hazardous. Our aerial, drone, blueprint, and satellite roof measuring software gives you the ability to produce professional roof reports and estimates. We’ve created powerful roof measurement tools for use on-the-go. Our new iPhone app and Android phone app now make things even more convenient.

The benefits of iRoofing’s portable roof measurement solution include:
Prepare roof measurements and professional estimates from anywhere.
Print email and share digital reports with property owners or with your team.

Eliminate unnecessary trips to the job site.
Spend less time on roofs and more time with customers face-to-face.
Impress clients with new roof simulations, roof diagrams and other visuals.

Scale Verify

Calculate precise linear measurements to scale.

Measuring from a drone or blueprint image? Scale Verify enables you to calculate precise linear roof measurements by factoring in a single roof part measurement from satellite imagery or an on-site manual measurement.

pitch detector icon

Pitch Detector

Determine the angles of a roof with our roof pitch calculator.

How to measure a roof from the ground, you ask? Our roof measuring app features an easy, accurate Pitch Detector that can detect a pitch by valley, hip, and slopes (not only by a rake).  You can now define roof pitch from our built-in Google street view. Using this ingenious new tool you’re able to pull up the home’s street view on your tablet or Android phone then follow the simple step-by-step instructions in the app to determine pitch. In a split second iRoofing processes the pitch factor to come up with the true roof measurement. No more guess-work with your roof measurements.

label for roofing software icon


The app adjusts measurements for each labeled roof slope.

Rakes and hips are rises, eaves are level. When you properly apply roof part labels, the app adjusts measurements accordingly, always calculating total SQs accurately.

pitch detector icon

Minimal Waste

The app reduces waste from over-ordering roof materials .

Obviously, accurate roof measurements mean less waste when ordering materials. Wasted materials mean wasted profits and surplus materials to deal with. Avoid that waste with smart technology.


average time it takes to measure a moderate sized roof with the iRoofing software


“This program is fast and reliable! I am able to show up with the roof measured and priced out. I have eliminated the wait time for each and every measurement report not to mention the cost per roof measurement! “


Benefits Beyond Measure

roofing software devices

Phones & Tablets

Carry iRoofing roof measurements app on your Android Tablet or Phone, iPad or iPhone.

We upped our mobility by introducing our Android phone app. Whether you use an iPad or Android device you’re always ready to do roof measuring and bidding.

productivity roofing software

High Productivity

Create unlimited roof reports and proposals remotely on-the-go with the world’s  #1 roof measuring app.

It literally takes a few minutes to create an accurate roof report. Create reports remotely and on the go, Get more bids out and see more sales close!

roof measurements reports

Unlimited Roof Measurements

Save money instead of buying 3rd party reports.

Save money by not having to travel to the property or by not purchasing 3rd-party measurement reports again. Use the iRoofing roof measurements app instead and do as many DIY reports as needed.

win more roofing jobs

Show You're a pro

Save money instead of buying 3rd party reports.

iRoofing’s reports and estimates are clean, detailed and professional. You’ll clients will be impressed by how fast, efficient and well-organized you are.

Roof measurement drone

Use iRoofing & Save Calculator

How much are you paying for a measurement report?
How many leads do you handle every month?

Total Savings*
Per Year Using iRoofing:


Amount is calculated based on your avarage report price and amount of lead your company handles per month minus iRoofing yearly subscription for 3 users

Simplicity and accuracy

“I have spent untold hours trying to get roof measurements. The simplicity and accuracy I get from the iRoofing app is amazing. I’ve always been the guy who could foul up anything technological, but they have been able to keep me up and running, and now I’m the one teaching everyone else how to utilize the system.”

BILL TAYLOR | Vertical roofing

Measure in more ways

iRoofing is the only roof measuring app that lets you work from satellite, drone, high-resolution aerial images or from blueprints. You’ll never again need to order a roof report from someone else!

Satellite Roof Measurements

Imagine having the features of Google Maps and Google Earth overlayed with simple-to-use tools for roof measuring, labeling, and pitch detection.


A drone is a great asset whenever you need a closer roof inspection because of an obstructed or inadequate satellite image.


When you need a high-resolution overhead view or a view “back in time” during another season, you have it in iRoofing with our Clearoof  aerial imagery.


Upload a blueprint, trace the linear features of the roof, verify scale and the app instantly and accurately calculates the roof measurements.



Leading the DIY roof measurement market with millions of roof reports generated


“Game changer! We love iRoofing, it has reduced our costs and improved our accuracy and pricing. The staff is always helpful. Easy app to use, we recommend it all the time.”

Anna olivier | roofing louisiana

Custom Reporting

Roof Parts

iRoofing measurements will include all the information you need to prepare estimates and sell the job, including all square and linear totals for residential sloped roof or commercial flat roof measuring.


You’re in control over what information you want to share with others. So, no one can take your roof measurement report and bid it out to other contractors!


Roof reports will always carry your logo. Plus, the digital sales presentation template, your contracts, and your roof inspection reports, and your estimates are fully customized with your corporate logo, colors, and contact info. 

Roof Measurement software desktop

Roof measurements Imagery Solutions

satellite roof measurements icon


In most areas of the United States, a satellite image provided by iRoofing of a home’s rooftop is perfectly suitable as your basis for a complete and accurate roof measurement. iRoofing has integrated this roof measuring technology into a simple user design. Search by address in the iRoofing app; click to open the satellite view and zoom right in. Now, just trace the linear features of the roof, which instantly calculates precise roof measurements. Now you’re ready to see a detailed report with the press of a button. It’s all there, the total square footage, roof squares, waste factors, and professional roof diagrams. In no time, you’ll master this simple application with your tablet and your Android phone. Get ready to work more efficiently and more profitably!

drone roof measurement icon


When you have the need for closer inspection of a roof due to an inadequate or obstructed satellite image, drones can be a great asset. You can take pictures of any part of the roof close-up and from any angle. With iRoofing’s affordable drone package you get the full-featured iRoofing app along with a brand new drone or you can also use your existing drone. Plus, a drone seamlessly integrates with your phone or tablet so that roof measuring specification go straight into the iRoofing app and in your client’s profile. Fly your drone high above a roof, snap a picture and guide it back to Earth. It’s easier than flying a kite! Access your images in the iRoofing app and you’re instantly ready to measure, estimate, simulate, and present a professional proposal to your client, so you can quickly close the deal! Plus, use your new drone for roof inspections and storm damage assessments.

blueprint roof measurement icon


Architects and builders frequently show only a roof outline on their blueprints, leaving out the roof square measurements as well as linear roof measuring details. With iRoofing, that’s no problem! Using your iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, easily upload a blueprint; trace the linear features of the roof; verify scale and the app instantly and accurately calculates the roof measurements. For existing structures or for new builds, the iRoofing app is the 1-stop solution for any roof measuring scenario.

clearoof measurements icon


iRoofing is the only roofing application that integrates Clearoof high-resolution images into its software platform. (Currently available on tablet devices only) Clearoof is currently available in most parts of the US but not yet in Canada. Members receive Clearoof credits to access remarkably crisp home and building images. Clearoof is a great tool to have when conventional satellite or drone images haven’t captured the optimal view you need. Plus, clear images mean more precise roof measurements and better estimates. Now iRoofing isn’t just for roofing jobs. iRoofing with Clearoof is great for real estate agents and developers, landscape architects, engineers, driveway installers, insurance adjusters and any professional who can benefit from clear aerial imagery!

More about the power of Unlimited Roof Measurements

Roof Measurements - Frequently Asked Questions

No! As an iRoofing member, there is no limit to the number of roofing reports you can create. However, you cannot resell or redo reports for others.

Yes! iRoofing can be used to create roof measure reports from blueprints. Simply use the Scale Verify tool to enter one verified on-site measurement, and the rest of your measurement will adjust accordingly, always giving you the highest accuracy possible.

Drone imagery can be one of the most accurate ways to obtain detailed roof measurements, but there are a few tips in order to obtain the best results. Fly the drone to at least 325 feet above the property. Drones purchased through iRoofing are equipped with a high-quality camera that provides excellent resolution at altitudes up to 400 feet! Center the drone directly above the home or building and attempt to “square up” the roof image, so it appears as straight as possible. To calculate scale, one known measurement must be input into the iRoofing measurement tool, such as the front eave of the home or building, see below. Upload the drone images into the iRoofing app. Start measuring the roof with the iRoofing software, adding the dimensions of the kown measurement, i.e, length of front eave. Then, use iRoofing’s Scale Verify option to populate correct measurements for all roof parts automatically. Do NOT attempt to edit the photos in an external application in order to fix distortions, perspective, etc.

iRoofing measurements are between 98-99% accurate. Since you create your own reports, every iRoofing membership includes free & unlimited training from the comfort of your home or office to ensure that your measurements are highly accurate. You can always dial-in the accuracy even further by using our field verification system.

Yes! While we highly encourage clients to take advantage of our instant DIY measurement tool in order to save time and money, iRoofing does give you the ability to order measurement reports from our third-party partner.

Ordered reports cost a flat-rate of $30 for residential properties of any size. Since iRoofing customers take priority, measurement reports are received within 24 hours.

Step 1: From your home screen in the iRoofing app, click “Measure,” and on the resulting pop-up window, click “Order Measurement Report.”

Step 2: Complete the required fields for the property and recipient, and submit your report order.

Shingle roofing is by far the most popular form of roofing. iRoofing has a wealth of helpful guides and videos to walk you through the simple DIY process of performing a roof takeoff and instantly getting the results. Need to know how many bundles of asphalt shingles to purchase for your job? Just go by the total sq. ft. or SQs of your final measurement, then open the iRoofing Estimator and you’ll have your own customized cost report for the materials, including your mark-up and waste factor. Our Estimator templates make it all possible!

With iRoofing, detecting a roof’s pitch is easy. All oyu need is the street view showing a linerar roof part, such as a long eave, and any ascending edge, such as a valley, rake or hip. See Step 3 in this helpful video

If you’re trying to figure out the angle of a roof slope (also known as roof “pitch”), use the iRoofing pitch detector. It works by using the app to sketch two roof edges, a straight roof part, like its front eave and an angular line such as a hip. You’ll need a street view of the house which you also access in the app. See Step 3 of this video guide.

A roof measurement (also known as a roof takeoff) will produce the number of square feet or “SQs” (10 ft. X 10ft. squares). Based on the size of your roof tiles, shingles, metal panels, etc. you and your distributor will know exactly how much roof material is needed for your job. And, with iRoofing’s Roof Estimator tool, you can instantly calculate the cost of the new roof! See this helpful video to learn how.

More iRoofing Features: