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Create unlimited reports on-the-spot, bid more, and close more sales

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The days of ordering expensive measurements reports are over. Stop waiting on reports from the measurement company and generate your own in 5 minutes or less!
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Reduce “ladder time” so you can place more bids. Increase your productivity in a BIG way by arriving with estimates prepared in advance!
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Who needs sample boards? Exceed your clients’ expectations with a professional presentation, then show them how a variety of products and colors will look on their own home… before you install it!
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Every second you save in “ladder time”, you gain valuable face-to-face time with your clients; building trust, educating them about your services, and closing more sales!
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Since 2012, iRoofing has been a leader in providing the BEST and MOST accurate tools for roofing contractors’ success. Our state of the art product is backed by thousands of happy customers, ranging from one man operations to the largest companies in the country. All over the US & Canada, contractors using iRoofing increase efficiency, productivity, and grow their businesses by closing more sales.

We are all about SERVICE, INNOVATION, and TRUST. Our account managers will aid you every step of the way with FREE and UNLIMITED training and the RAPID customer support we are proud of.

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more sales... less headaches...

iRoofing is your one-stop solution to common challenges

Spending too much
time & money
on roof measurements?

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Wasting time waiting for homeowners to make a decision?

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Losing bids
because you’re swamped?

roofing sales software

Wishing you had a catalog with only the products you sell?

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Needing to be on a roof and in the office at the same time?

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Feeling like your
are hesitant to buy?

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Ready to Grow?

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EXPLORE THE iRoofing Toolbox

One Application, Multiple Solutions...

Measurement Tool

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Accurate, professional measurement reports in the palm of your hand! No need to “order” reports; create your own in 5 minutes!

digital roofing Pitchbook

Digital Pitch Book

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Present your business in an unforgettable way with before & after photos, video testimonials, & more! Customize your presentation & WOW property owners!

roofing Visualizer

Roof Visualizer

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Take a photo of any property & show property owners how their new roof will look BEFORE you install it! Help your clients make a confident decision!

roof sale Estimator

Instant Estimator

Take your measurements to the next level by turning them into precise estimates in minutes; customized with YOUR company’s pricing for labor, materials & more!

SignRoofing Contracts


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Upload digital contracts for easy signing once you close the sale! Organized, professional, & ready when you need them!

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All information for your customers in one place! Also show prospects a map of all the jobs you’ve done in the area to close sales faster!

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Clients Told Us Why They Switched to iRoofing

measure on-the-spot

Remote Unlimited Measurements

Adjust Measurements On-Site

Instant Measurements

Bid more

Instant Estimates

Mini CRM for Easy Access

close More Deals

Present Digital Measurement Reports

Visualize Your Client’s Roof

Digital Pitch Book

Show Previous Projects

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