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Each tool in iRoofing increases the likelihood of closing on the spot!

Be Prepared With Unlimited DIY Roof Reports

Stop wasting time & money measuring on your own or using 3rd party roof reports.

When iRoofing began, we set out to create a 1-stop-shop to help you close sales. We provide roof measurements software for unlimited taek-offs, based on roof measurements from satellite, HD aerial images, blueprints, and drones. A roof report can convert to an instant roof estimate. Together with your roofing company presentation and real-life roof simulation, the iRoofing app is the best in the business.

Roof Measurements Software
“...instead of spending 20 minutes pulling measurements and calculating, I now have the roof measurements before I even get to the house.”

Anthony Lombardo happy client roofing software
Anthony Lombardo
RoofPlus (NJ)
“You can really bring a customer’s new roof to life...and show them what the finished product will look like.”
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Zach Galloway

Use The Instant Roof Visualizer, Help Them Decide Today!

Show them their new roof before you close.

iRoofing’s tile, shingle, cedar, clay, metal roof and siding simulator works using an image of your client’s actual home! iRoofing’s roof visualizer and roof color visualizer beats every other visualizer app on the market! The app contains all the products of leading roof manufacturers so it’s an Owens Corning visualizer, a GAF roof color visualizer and it simulates dozens of other companies’ products.

Roof Visualizer

Close More Sales Faster

With instant roof estimates based on your pricing.

Our leading roof estimating software is based on the roof measurements you create with our roofing app. Your custom roofing pricing is set-up in the software. Roof measurements created or imported into the app convert into instant roof estimates. So, in a few minutes you can turn a prospect into a sale! Expect to bid more and close more sales with the best roofing software in the industry!

Close more Roofing Sales
“We’re saving time. We’re increasing sales. As a result, we’re growing profits, and our sales team is making more money.”
Steve little Kpost roofing review
Steve Little
“When I meet the customer, I normally start with running the company presentation on the iPad and explain how we work to build trust.”
BALES roofing company testimonial
Eran Izak

Build Trust To Close On the Spot

Use your branded pitchbook & project map.

When clients see your DIY roof material calculator in the iRoofing app, they’ll be impressed with your knowledge of how to measure a roof for shingles using modern “software for roofing.” Few roof measuring apps on the market are as feature-rich as the iRoofing app. The app is also the best way to sell roofs thanks to the digital pitchbook built-in to the #1 app for roofers.

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Connect With Customers After The Close

And manage your projects more easily.

With iRoofing’s in-app customer management console, you’ll enjoy the best customer database tool, and the easiest to use. See all your projects via the CRM customer database map. Show those projects to your customers to build confidence in your brand. There is no other roofing software that thoroughly empowers contractors.

Roofing pitchbook tool
“The technology impresses my clients, helps to build my value & credibility, & keeps a very organized spreadsheet of my customer database.”
roofers testimonials
Moe Falah
“You can not replace the experience of drawing a roof in front of the customer, that value is priceless. Big fan of this product.”
Carlos Lopez

Move On To The Next Project And Order Products Directly On The App

iRoofing is partnered with the top manufacturers in the business.

In addition to being a great roofing material calculator, iRoofing lets you order your materials quickly and efficiently straight from the app! You’ll find your roofing distributor in the app or you can add your own distributor. From the roof estimate, which you can create instantly in iRoofing, send a precise purchase order accurately quantifying roof materials including your waste factor. iRoofing is much more than a roof calculation software, much more than a roof pitch detector, more than a realistic roof simulator, and more than an easy-to-use CRM… it’s the world’s #1 DIY app for roofing pros!

order roofing products


Best Customer Service In the Industry

Free & Unlimited Training with your Dedicated Account Manager

iroofing iphone app

Your entire sales process, in a mobile app.

Click on any of the features to see iRoofing in action

More features than any other solution

The ultimate digital presentation tool for closing sales

Sales Presentation Features

  1. Access digital product catalogs
  2. Simulate a roof with any product
  3. Show a new roof on a property
  4. Organized photo galleries
  5. Use an in-app photo editor

6. Present with a digital pitchbook
7. Place videos in a pitchbook
8. Show Before & After photos
9. Display licenses
10. Manage jobs via a nimble CRM
11. Message customers directly
12. Email reports & proposals
13. Print out detailed roof reports
14. Convert proposals to PDFs
15.Sign a contract on the spot

Productivity Features

  1. Measure any roof from satellite
  2. Measure from HD overheads
  3. Measure any roof from drones
  4. Measure roofs from blueprints
  5. Measure flat roof parapet walls
6. Stay accurate via auto-pitch gauge
7.Create roof inspection reports*
8. Employ custom templates
9. Create custom estimates
10. Generate estimates instantly
11. Estimate price-per-SQ or full linear
12. Import and export data
13. Schedule and manage projects
14. Get auto-reminders to follow-up
15. Send digital purchase orders

Training, Support & Other Features

  1. Enjoy unlimited FREE training
  2. Learn more via training videos
  3. Build skill set via
  4. Get top-rated customer support
  5. Enjoy a dedicated Account Mgr.
6. Stay informed via eNewsletter
7. Access our informative blog
8. Interact with a user community
9. Take part in FB Live events
10. Qualify as a Hi-Tech ContractorTM
11. Use any Android or iOS device
12. Rest assured with data privacy
13 Keep in sync via cloud sharing*
14. Interface with smart dashboards*
*Coming Soon

What our customers are saying

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iRoofing FAQ

iRoofing is the world’s #1 do-it-yourself portable roofing software for roof measurements, estimates, and much more. Residential and commercial builders, roofing contractors, and insurance adjusters have benefited from iRoofing since 2012.

  • When it launched in 2012, iRoofing became the first DIY roofing software for contractors. Now it’s used by more than any other.
  • iRoofing was designed for meeting a contractor online or face to face and designed special features like a digital pitchbook, the largest industry catalog, visualization of the client’s house, map for previous projects and many more.
  • iRoofing’s pricing includes access for 3 devices, making it unmatched in value.
  • By constantly reinvesting in enhancements, iRoofing sets a higher standard than any competitor.
  • The app features the most comprehensive digital toolbox, unmatched by any other roof take-off tool.
  • iRoofing earns the highest-rated training and support services. Support is always FREE & UNLIMITED.
  • In addition to infinite satellite, drone, and blueprint roof measurement capability, contractors enjoy FREE HD aerial imagery with enough credits to perform 30-40 takeoffs per month!

iRoofing software is available with a monthly plan of $129/mo. Clients can save a considerable amount of money on an annual plan for $1,368/yr. One subscription provides access for 3 users. For latest pricing plans, click here

iRoofing software has been saving contractors thousands of dollars by negating the need for 3rd party fee-based roof reports. Considerable expenses are also reduced, thanks to the many remote tasks available in the app. Most roofing contractors close sales more quickly and efficiently, as well.
But don’t take it from us!
Hear about our roofing software directly from our clients

  1. Save money by avoiding the need to order 3rd party fee-based roof reports
  2. Operate more safely by reducing ladder time. All roof measurements can be performed without a trip to the job site, thanks to satellite, aerial, and drone imagery.
  3. Impress clients as a Hi-Tech Roofing Pro. and meet the expectations of the 21st-century property owner.
  4. Simulate exactly what a clients new roof will look like by overlaying almost any roof material onto an image of their home or building.
  5. Create accurate and instant estimates that can be converted to purchase orders and sent straight to any distributor.

iRoofing contains product lines from all the leading North American manufacturers of roofing and siding materials, with specifications and product images. Thousands of products are updated regularly and integrated into iRoofing’s simulator tool. Clients can choose which products to show while hiding products they don’t sell.

iRoofing works on most portable devices, including iPads with iOS 9.4 or newer; iPhones with iOS 11.4 or newer; and Android phones & tablets with version 11 operating system or newer. For further details, click here. Consider iRoofing’s Starter package which comes with a brand new iPad. We cover 40% of the cost of the device!

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