roof estimating software

Roof Estimating Software

Customized, Accurate Roof Estimating Software

roof estimating software
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✓ Turn any roof measurement into an estimate
✓ Customize with your company’s pricing
✓ Up-sell with good, better, and best options
✓ Create line-item or price per square professional estimates
✓ Send roofing material orders directly to your preferred distributor

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Residential & commercial roofing estimating software

iRoofing is a roofing estimate app, too! Roof estimating software via the iRoof portable app enables you convert your DIY measurements into detailed, accurate roof replacement and roof repair estimates in minutes. Using iRoofing’s roof estimate calculator you will no longer waste time and money on complicated spreadsheets or expensive software. This innovative roof estimating software is fully customized with your company’s pricing. The roofing estimate app automatically generates estimates, invoices, and work orders. There’s no cost per-use and every membership includes unlimited access for three members of your team. 

Roofing estimator app – See it in action
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Complete Roof Estimating Software

roof estimator app

Roof Estimate App

#1 app for roofing estimates

Our roofing estimate app gives you the freedom to calculate pricing any way you prefer, by SQs or square-feet. The roof estimating software integrates with iRoofing’s roof measurement tool and extensive in-app digital roofing product catalogs.

iRoofing’s roof estimating app includes pricing for:

  • Materials:
    • Products are displayed based upon availability in your area. Easily calculate roof estimates in pricing tiers – “good, better, best” – to give your clients options and make it easier for you to upsell. Cost of materials is accurate based on your supplier, and photos of each product are included in your estimate.
  • Labor & Installation:
    • Pitch – If the roof’s pitch is steep enough to require additional safety harnesses and equipment, costs for that equipment will be included by the roof estimate calculator.
    • Materials Used – Labor costs can be calculated on a per-square basis reflecting the quantity of material used for the job.
  • Tear Off & Removal:
    • Materials Used – Tear Off can be calculated to account for the type of material being removed.
    • Layers – Tear Off can be calculated to account for the number of layers being removed.
  • Dumpsters & Site Clean Up:
    • Dumpsters – The total weight of excess and removed material is calculated based on the amount of material used, the weight allowance for each dumpster, the cubic yards of the dumpsters available, and the cost for the number of dumpsters necessary.
    • Materials – The weight of excess or removed material is calculated automatically by lbs./SQ in your dumpster & clean up costs.
    • Underlayment – The weight of excess or removed underlayment is calculated automatically by lbs./SQ in your dumpster & clean up costs.
    • Sheathing – The weight of excess or removed sheathing is calculated automatically by lbs./SQ in your dumpster & clean up costs.
  • Additional Services:
    • Warranties & More – Include pricing for warranties and any additional service(s) provided by your company.

The instant roof estimate calculator is designed to be fully customizable to fit your needs. Whether it’s specifying insurance information, adjuster information, or choosing the date when your estimate will expire, the following options give you even more flexibility when creating estimates with iRoofing:    

  • Notes:
    • Once a client signs your contract, your roof material estimate becomes a binding document. Include notes to ensure that every detail is covered from day one, guaranteeing that you and your clients are always on the same page.
  • Profit:
    • Set your desired profit for the job by percentage or total sum. Include your overhead costs, tax for labor and materials, any special delivery costs, and more.
  • Payment Structure:
    • Since your iRoofing estimate is a binding document, you can include the payment structure for the job, which can be customized to reflect your agreement with the client.
  • Terms & Conditions:
    • Use your own terms and conditions (or copy/paste them from an existing template) to provide your clients with a clear expectation of the service(s) you will perform.

Once your estimate is complete, you can print it directly from your device or share it with your clients via email, Dropbox, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive. Roof estimates are saved to your client’s file in the Customer Database, giving you immediate access to all relevant information about the job in one place. Extra information (such as Roof Visualizer photos, on-site photos, product specs, etc.) can be included in the final bidwith the tap of a button, further increasing the professionalism of your roof estimate calculator.

Roof Estimate App

Software Settings

roofing estimate app

The settings page allows you to customize roofing estimates with your pricing, including:

  • Services
  • Labor
  • Tear Off
  • Dumpsters & Trash Removal
  • Profit & Payment Structure
  • Terms & Conditions

Roof Report

roofing estimates report

iRoofing measurements integrate directly into your estimate, including:

  • Total SQs
  • Linear Measurements
  • Pitch
  • Waste Factor

Add Roofing Materials & Accessories

roof shingle estimator

The materials page displays all product information, including:

  • Manufacturer
  • Color
  • Units Of Measure
  • Your Own Pricing
  • Associated Products


roofing material estimator

The final roof estimate contains all relevant information about the job, including:

  • Project & Client Information
  • Property Photos
  • Insurance Information
  • Order Details & Final Price
  • Services
  • Payment structure and More…

What Roofers Have To say

This is the most complete and comprehensive estimating and sales tool EVER!! ‘Wow’ your customers from the first impression to close!! Every roofing contractor will absolutely want to use this! I did and our company will be cranking out the jobs like never before! This is not a paid endorsement. What this program will do is astonishing!!
Roof App recommenditon
Zac Bowling
Integrity Roofing
I was able to do 17 estimates in 1 hour. Got the job and a raise. Thanks to Elizabeth for signing us. iRoofing paid for itself for 10 years today.
Roofnig app john
John Walters
AAA Construction-Restoration Services
We love your app! We’ve utilized it in every sale since we got it! We’ll be uploading job photos from it in the future.
Roofing app testimonials
Jason Frank RemStar Roofing
You are still going to be eye-to-eye with your customers, but instead of spending 20 minutes pulling measurements and calculating, I now have the roof measurements before I even get to the house. I still inspect the roof and check the number of layers so I can give an accurate price. I have found that most homeowners like the fact that I’m showing up prepared for the estimate. I also sold $29K last month because I was able to show the homeowner what all of the brands and colors that they were interested in would look like on the roof.
Anthony Lombardo
Lombardo Construction

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