iRoofing modernized the way contractors measure, estimate, simulate, and present roof repair and replacement projects for homes and commercial projects.

We built our roofing software to fit the buying behavior of 21st century property owners. At the same time, contractors increase operational efficiency, save time and close more sales by projecting a new level of professionalism.

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Empowering Contractors since 2012

Technology in Today’s Roofing Industry

Today there are a few different ways to tackle a roof report…

  • Measure the roof by hand, the old-fashion way
  • Order a 3rd-Party roof report
  • Do-It-Yourself with modern roofing software

Measuring by hand can be costly and risky. 3rd-party roof reports are expensive, take time and cannot be altered on site if there are mistakes or unexpected conditions. iRoofing’s DIY solution is exactly like any other tool in your tool belt – ready for you when you need it.

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The iRoofing Difference

More than a Measuring Tool

We set the quality standard.

Innovators have a responsibility to lead the way into a future with benefits that can be enjoyed by all. Everyday, iRoofing strives to support progress in the roofing industry by continuing to innovate. Most of what we earn is invested back into the company to expand our service and support and to develop new features to enhance your experience with our product. Today, iRoofing is the only full-suite solution in the business.

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Our pricing is designed to help you grow.

iRoofing’s is far more efficient than ordering reports from a 3rd-Party which are priced per-report. The bigger the roof, the more you pay with each 3rd party report. With iRoofing, your monthly cost is fixed. You and your team can measure as many roofs as needed, using on up to 3 devices per subscription!

"I use this everyday for my roof take offs and have no problem what so ever. Every time I call for customer care, it is ALWAYS answered by an extremely helpful real human being. They care a lot about their customers and would give iRoofing 6 stars if I could!"
Christopher Mouriz
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Our clients are ecstatic.

iRoofing enjoys high ratings and an endless stream of accolades from our clients. We listen to our clients’ needs and respond by continually improving the app, adding new features and device compatibility at no extra cost.

iRoofing doesn’t just sell you a great app, we make sure you master each feature through unlimited FREE training and support.

We see the big picture.

In order to serve you to the fullest, we built the industry’s only digital catalog supporting all major manufacturers’ products. You can select your roof materials and accessories from our illustrated database, then order what you need from your distributor straight from the app! Our digital product samples along with our Visualizer lets you show your clients their new roof incorporated simulated onto pictures of their home.

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Your data is sacred. We safeguard it.

The information you save to the iRoofing app is yours and we never restrict your access to it. You can download it from the app and use it as you see fit. iRoofing has built a platform with the fastest and most secure storage systems. Since we are a totally independent company, your data is NEVER shared with other companies. You can relax knowing that your contacts, search history and project measurements are yours only. 

Always beware of offers of free measurement services. The address you share with these 3rd-parties might someday become a competitor’s new lead.

Our vision of the future.

Our software is designed to make roofing businesses more profitable; to increase safety on the job; to promote adaptation to technology; and to build contractors professional reputation. iRoofing is a solution that brings real value to your business operations – a solution capable of generating enormous ROI solution short-term and ongoing.

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