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My investment in iRoofing is a no-brainer, especially for a business oriented contractor. We’re saving time. We’re increasing sales. As a result, we’re growing profits. And our sales team is making more money too!
Steve-Little_App review
Steve Little
KPost Roofing & Waterproofing
By using the iRoofing Visualizer, we have doubled our closed rate, and your measurement tool has increased our productivity by 40%!
Eric Caraballoso_Latite roofing - app testimonial
Eric Caraballoso
Latite Roofing and Sheet Metal
I was injured on the job and couldnt run around the roof like my usual self so now I measure off this app and go check the job. It's been amazing and actually was able to keep my guys going, which to me is most important.
jon nelson roofing app testimonial
Jon Nelson
All Terrain Roofing
If you want to take yourself to the next level and elevate all your people and your business, iRoofing is the way to do it. This is the way that our business and industry is going, if you’re on the bandwagon of the old school days, you’re missing out.
justin shelton roofing testimonial
Justin Shelton
Noland's Roofing
This is Chris Ortiz with Earl Johnston Roofing. We have been using iRoofing for a while now. From my experience using iRoofing, I have found it is a very helpful tool. I can show homeowners samples of roof products and what their roof is going to look like when it’s done. This is an awesome feature and homeowners love it. iRoofing makes my job a lot faster and more professional. I’m able to measure a roof from my office before I go to the house so I’ll be ready when I get there. The customer service for iRoofing is the best, they have always been there when I needed any help. Bottom line: iRoofing is a great tool to have! It’s definitely the best thing since sliced bread. Any roofing company that’s not using iRoofing #ShameonYou.
Chris Ortiz Roofing testimonial
Chris Ortiz
Earl W. Johnston Roofing, LLC
You are still going to be eye-to-eye with your customers, but instead of spending 20 minutes pulling measurements and calculating, I now have the roof measurements before I even get to the house. I still inspect the roof and check the number of layers so I can give an accurate price. I have found that most homeowners like the fact that I’m showing up prepared for the estimate. I also sold $29K last month because I was able to show the homeowner what all of the brands and colors that they were interested in would look like on the roof.
Anthony Lombardo Construction roofing app testimonial
Anthony Lombardo
Lombardo Construction
I am an iRoofing addict for almost 2 years, successfully executing flawless measurements and winning the professionalism game!!!
Larry Neese roofing app testimonial
Larry Neese
Larry Neese LLC, Roofing & Construction
We love your app! We’ve utilized it in every sale since we got it! We’ll be uploading job photos from it in the future.
Jason Frank Roofing logo
Jason Frank
RemStar Roofing & Exteriors
Saves me at least an hour on every house when pricing the roof. I’m prepared the night before, spend more time in front of my clients, and close more deals because of it. Now we have four salesmen using it with the same results.
am roofing solution review
Steve Boyle
AM Roofing Solutions LTD
In the past, I would have to give addresses for people to go look at different shingle colors. Now with iRoofing, I save myself and our customers’ time and instantly show them how the shingle color they choose would look on their home.
Jake Gast_Paragon Exteriors roofing app
Jake Gast
Paragon Exteriors

“We are able to close probably three to four sales a day instead of one or two”

Walter Millet

Altec Roofing

“Measure of about 4,000 sqft roof that would normally take me about somewhere about 45 minutes on a roof, would take me about 5 to 7 minutes using the iRoofing app.”

Mike Wilde

Earl W Johnston Roofing

We save so much money every year we use this product. It’s very easy to learn to do the measurements. After a measurement, it only takes 5 or 10 minutes and you are done with an instant report. The accuracy has been on par with all the satellite measurements we’ve used as well. It’s totally worth learning and adapting a little to get the hang of it.
avaco roofing software review
Heath Hicks
AVCO Roofing
It is extremely easy to use and allows we to quote roofs remotely while I continue to grow my company. This software is without a doubt the most bang for your buck when measuring roofs. It is the perfect balance for what anyone in the roofing industry needs when weighing cost vs user input. I highly recommend!
hometown roofing software review
Brad G.
Hometown Restoration
I can’t say enough about iRoofing and how much it helps sell the job!!! Love the app and couldn’t go without it now or I would feel naked talking to my customers lol. I suggest all roofers if you are an owner or a sales rep, it’s a must-have to help you reach your sales potential.
Roofing app testimonial
Kyle Blythe
Q Exteriors & Awnings
I was able to do 17 estimates in 1 hour. Got the job and a raise. Thanks to Elizabeth for signing us. iRoofing paid for itself for 10 years today.
John Walters AAA Construction roofing app review
John Walters
AAA Construction & Restoration Services
iRoofing is an awesome app with an awesome team from ownership to sales to service! We suggest incorporating it all the time to our coaching clients who are moving to the use of technology to save time and make money. During the current evolution of contractors with social distancing, the iRoofing app is a must have that solves so many obstacles all in one package!
Contractor Coachpro roofing reviews
Jim Johnson
Contractor Coach Pro
This is an amazing company and Joseph Rio is most helpful. He is knowledgeable in training and the best at customer service. He always calls back with in a few minutes and is willing to go the extra mile to keep his customers happy and trained. The software is very user friendly it will save you a boatload of money if you use Eagleview or measure roofs on your own. They are 100% a company that I recommend
United Venterans roofing reviews
Bruce Singer
United Veterans Roofing
Love this app! It would be my reference for any company. Also very simple to use.
Anthony Duprey Construction roofing app testimonial
Anthony Duprey
Duprey's Construction
Loading another roof with Atlas Lifetime Warranty Architectural Shingles! Thanks to iRoofing and ABC Supply for making all of our roofing jobs come together!
Gary Harvey Elite Property review
Gary Harvey
Elite Property Services Group
“Daniela has helped me so much since I became an independent contractor. I was familiar with sketching roofs, but with her teaching me through iRoofing, and not having to do it by hand, I have become way more efficient. I’m now able to give several bids a day. I love that with iRoofing, I can give bids rain or shine since I’m not having to get up on every roof to measure. Having all of my bids and clients right at my fingertips, where I don’t have to go through folders of paperwork, is so convenient. iRoofing is such a time saver. Daniela has taught me everything I have needed to learn to be successful at my job through iRoofing. I’m really bad at giving her notice to when I need her help, but she always does everything she can to fit me in so I make all of my deadlines. I wouldn’t be able to do my more complicated roofs without her. She is always so nice and willing to check over my work for me.”
pinnacle roofing
Angel Gonzalez
Pinnacle Roofing TX
We have been using iRoofing for a while now. From my experience using iRoofing, I have found it is a very helpful tool.
Chris Ortiz Roofing testimonial
Chris Ortiz
Earl W. Johnston Roofing, LLC
This app changed my life!!! It completely changed the way we work. It took us from traditional roof measuring techniques to a high-tech, state-of-the-art measuring tool on their app, and made us way more efficient!!! This is one of the more important tools I OWN!
Sharone Tal_Green Apple Roofing_preview
Sharone Tal
Green Apple Roofing
This program does so much more than Google Earth. It gives you multiple screens of info I include in my digital estimate, which helps sell jobs.
dfw_ roofing app review
Andrew Kinser
DFW Exteriors
99.9% of the time I’m dead on, and I have compared my measurements with EagleView from an adjuster and everything was good material-wise. I can get complete measurements of a home in less than 5 mins, after that it gives you a report with how much material you need, from shingles, to drip, ice, felt, etc.. I can’t say enough good things about this!
newgen roofing tool testimonial
Tom Humbert
New Generation Home Improvement LLC
I have been doing home shows selling roofing products since 1995. Today, I witnessed something that I have never seen happen before during a show. Steve Hatton met a couple here at the show who are buying a house and need a roof. He used iRoofing to pull up the house and measure it and prepare a bid from the home show floor. He and the couple then went and sat down in the lobby, and when he returned, he had the signed deal. This means that while at the home show: he met new people, gave them the bid, and closed the deal - all while working our booth! Flippin’ incredible!
bmcic roofing
Jim Shoe
BMCI Contracting
Amazing app has improved my overall sales by 50% customers love it when you show them their house with the shingles switched out and an amazing way to show colour choice. Couldnt sell without it now!!! I suggest every person selling roofing should have this app no question.
kyle review iroofing
Kyle Blythe
Q Exteriors & Awnings
Game changer! We love iRoofing, it has reduced our costs and improved our accuracy and pricing. The staff is always helpful. Easy app to use, we recommend it all the time.
Anne Oliver
Anna Olivier
Roofing Louisiana
Really good software we use at work. Helpful tool.
Apex Roofing and Construction
David O'Brian
APEX Roofing & Construction
I love iRoofing!
reeds review
Christy McCollum
Reed's Metals, Inc
SVG has assisted our office with iRoofing and the implementation of it. It is an amazing tool, especially on a 4G Ipad in the field. (Twice) within the first week, I was able to assist 2 Independent adjusters and gave (both) of them all the roof specs via email...while he was BUYING my roof! I saved him his personal $$ since they have to pay for the satellite measurements out of their own pocket. Anthony Delmedico was correct. iRoofing is damn near priceless for the benefits it is optimized for. Kyle at iRoofing will train your staff, painlessly remotely.
danford roofing app review
Greg Wilson
Danford Construction
Great product backed by an amazing team!! Move your team into a new level of professionalism! Stand apart from the crowd!
landen review
Landen Smith
I have been using this app for the past 3 weeks and have had 3 training sessions. I feel very comfortable using the app and it saves me time having the roofs pre-measured before I go to meet the homeowners. Much appreciation to Oscar for the training.
gold key roofing testimonial
Adam Clarke
Gold Key Roofing
Daniela B has helped out the Chase Roofing team so much over the past few months! She has definitely made getting comfortable with the technology a breeze. Daniela is there whenever our reps have any complications with the application and she is prepped to find the solution to the problem. The technology works great too!
chase roofing app testimonial
Alyssa Kraft
Chase Roofing
iRoofing is a revolutionary game changer for the roofing industry, taking all of the necessary components that are needed to be a successful sales or project management professional in-the-field, and combines them in a sleek and user-friendly suite. One-stop shopping for anything you need to be successful and manage your pipeline and your projects from the first call to your follow-ups after the job is done. Oscar was a dynamic, helpful, skilled and patient trainer, and despite a few bad computer jokes, he really brought the software to life and demonstrated its performance and options in a way I could immediately use. Excellent company and people!!!
Bowk Construction Inc review
David Raybould
Bowk Construction Inc.
I am very pleased with the technology iRoofing has added to our company. Thank you Elizabeth for bringing your knowledge to our field manager she is on her way to measuring all roof leads.
romero roofing review
Gustavo Romero
Romero Roofing
“Everything was great! Oscar has been very patient & helpful! We highly recommend this app & service!
lone star roofing
Ivette Tarango
Lone Star Contracting
App works seamlessly and flawlessly so far. Went through training session with Oscar and he’s the man!!! Teaches well and takes his time with you… highly recommended. Already sold a job with the visualizer.
thegutterpeople roofing review
Kevin Nowak Jr.
The Gutter People of WNY
We are having a lot of success with this technology. It saves us money not having to order every report from a third-party. Oscar did a great job with simple tutorials on how to use it with ease. I definitely recommend it.
Surface Shield Roofing
Shon Gregory
Surface Shield Roofing
I’ve been using iRoofing since April and loving it. Saves me at least an hour on every house when pricing the roof. I’m prepared the night before, spend more time in front of my clients, and close more deals because of it. Now we have four salesmen using it with the same results.”
am-roofing review
Steve Boyle
AM Roofing Solutions LTD
Love this app, use it 5-6 times every day. No more lugging a ladder, setting up and risk of falling. 5-7mins of work and you have everything you need.
kirkin roofing software app
Chris McGonigal
Kirkin Roofing
This is a great program. Picked it up in Florida. More accurate than EagleView. I can draw up a roof in 10 mins. $129 per month versus $65 per report for EagleView.
Aspen Industries roofing software review
David Bothe
Aspen Industries
We just completed a condo complex that we measured using iRoofing (didnt put a tape measure on the job) iRoofing measurents 898.66 squares, actual 892 squares. Not bad. Thanks a ton!!!
bales co roofing
Del Bales
Bales Co
Use it every day. Do your sketches the day before. Your salesman [will] have the squares etc. I use for gutter and vent diagrams. Where people get lazy is because they have all the info beforehand [and] they don't get on the roof. My customers are impressed when I show up with [iRoofing], and talk how I did it and most go, Oh you don't [get] on my roof then? I follow with 'yes, I am still getting on your roof to see if there is anything else that needs to be addressed'. iRoofing has been nothing but positive for me.
Universal Roof and Contracting review software
Eric Vyborny
Universal Roof and Contracting
While at the home show, we met new people, gave them the bid and closed the deal... all while working our booth!
bmcic- roofing software review
Jim Shoe
BMCI Contracting
Amazing!!! Every roofing salesperson should have this app. It will raise your closing ratio in the first week!!!
kyle review iroofing
Kyle Blythe
Q Exteriors & Awnings
Awesome program, huge time saver, and unmatched customer service anywhere in the industry. Daniela Brandt has gone far out of her way to help me out. Definitely recommended.
Providence Roofing review
Maynard Miller
Providence Roofing
Been using iRoofing for the last 6 months. Love it, can’t say enough about them. I still get on some roofs and do the odd measurements by hand, but these guys made my life so much easier. If you work in roofing sales, highly recommended.
Western Roofing Systems review
Roscue Hurry
Western Roofing Systems
Great customer service! I’ve had the pleasure to speak with Chris and Daniela, both of them have been extremely helpful. Any questions I’ve had have been answered and our whole team at Allphase Construction has had a great experience with them!
Allphase Construction of South Florida roofing software reviews
Josefina Born
Allphase Construction of South Florida
Great app. Customer service is great. Oscar did a great job.
tri-county roofing app testimonial
Kent Chesmore
Tri-County Enterprises
Very awesome app! Customer service is absolutely top notch.
Hancock Claims Consultants software testimonial
Neill Graves
Hancock Claims Consultants
Started to use it with my husband and he is super excited. Customer services are excellent. Thank you.
Olympic Roofing Inc testimonial
Yanira & Carlos Cruz
Olympic Roofing Inc.
Great app and great support. I have been using the app for the past 3 weeks and have had 3 training sessions. I feel very comfortable using the app and it saves me time having the roofs pre measured before i go to meet the homeowners. Much appreciation to Oscar for training.
gold key roofing testimonial
Adam Clarke
Gold Key Roofing
Very happy with the results once I purchased a drone to do the Arial photography. Always accurate within 1 or 2% of the purchase report option that I would occasionly get to check them. When there's heavy tree coverage $30 for a residential report is a bargain.
akvm roof app testimonial
Ben Faris
AKVM Construction Group Inc.
Daniela B is awesome thank you for taking the time out of your day to give me some training. Love the product and will use it daily.
jaco contracting app
Cameron Fielder
Jaco Contracting
Oscar has been a huge help in sketching complex roofs- very good tips and tricks to get accurate results!
ramflas roofing app
Chris Bowman
Ramflas Roofing Services
I use this everyday for my roof take offs and have no problem what so ever. Every time I call for customer care, it is ALWAYS answered by an extremely helpful real human being. They care a lot about their customers and would give it 6 stars if I could !
mouriz app roof
Christopher Mouriz
Wrap Roof
iRoofing has changed the way I market my roofing service. I’m able to increase my estimates ten fold.
david bothe roofing testimonials
David Bothe
Aspen Industries
I used to spend over 20 minutes measuring a roof by hand, with iRoofing I can measure a roof in 5 minutes. The time I spent measuring before, I use it to close the deal!
shield roofing app testimonial
Shield Roofing LLC
Use it everyday
nolands roofing testimonials
Derek Little
Noland's Roofing
It’s a measure/diagram app that comes in quite handy when you do estimates. Some say lazy, I say more efficient. In the time it takes you to measure a simple roof I’ll have the whole thing sketched, measured, and labeled. By the time you measure a complicated or large roof (300sq+) I’ll already be on my third roof down the road.
devinmed roofing app
Devin Medley
Vertical Roofing
Nothing is worse than having to get on every roof and measure when you just wanna give a ballpark price. This software makes it easy
shinn software testimonial
Dustin Shinn
Shinn Roofing
I remember y’all came out with this a few years ago and I just didn’t understand it then. But this is a great program you can set yourself apart from all other contractors with the drone you can get more sides of the house better views. Great program.
southern testimonial recommended roofing app
Dustin Johnson
Southern Coast Roofing
Wanting to give feedback on an individual that has been very professional from the beginning of my journey with iRoofing. He has been amazing with his follow-up, answering any questions I had while at the same time being very patient with me as well with my busy schedule. He has called me so much I had no other choice (lol).The ease of his flexibility and efforts in making this a smooth process for me is definitely what has caught my attention. I want to thank Lance Cohen for his amazing customer service skills. It has been a very pleasant experience.
orell testimonials roofing app
Enrique Vargas
Orellanas Roofing LLC
I have been using the iRoofing software for the past two months. I have to say that this tool helped me close way more sales than anything else I used in the past including Roofsnap. Here is how I use it: When I get the lead I measure the property and generate roof report so I’ll know all the job squares. When I meet the customer I normally start with running the company presentation on the iPad and explain how we work to build trust. Than I can show all the shingle color options, take photo of his house and show how the shingles will look on the roof. I have all my docs loaded in advance so I can let him sign my contract digitally. I have not used the iRoofing estimator yet, and probably some other functions, but I am planning to take the training when work gets slower. I highly recommend iRoofing to anyone in the roofing sales business!
eranizak testimonial
Eran Izak
The Bales Company
It's called working smart not hard. I have climbed well over 500 roofs a year for past 8 years. All that climbing gets old and not to mention is hard on your joints. I'm glad iRoofing came along when it did. Probably will have prevented what would have been either one or two knee replacements. Let not talk about the expense and loss of time associated with surgery. If you really want to measure something with a tape measure, make sure it's worth it like a couple of reds or specks in your ice chest.
jeffejee best roofing app testimonial
Jeff Jennings
All Cat Construction LLC
I used to use this platform when I sold roof jobs and can attest to it being a stellar estimating tool. Really blows customers away when you show-up with this thing on your iPad or laptop when their other quotes have come from Bob in his holey jeans and rusted-out pickup truck fumbling a tape measure like a hungover goon. Always stuck a freebie in the neighbors door while I was around and picked-up tons of extra business. Worth every stinkin' penny
euro roofing app testimonials
Jeffrey Wixon
Euro-Tech, Inc.
La aplicacion esta may buena. No se necesita mucho conocimiento tecnico. El servicio de entrenamiento es exceptional, hablan tu idioma, y te tienen much pasciencia. Oscar mi entrenador es muy atento y explica muy bien, una o las veces que lo necesite. La verdad es la mejoy inversion, para mi negocio. Felicidades iRoofing tienes un excelente equipo!
memphs construction roofing app
Juan A. Hernandez
Memphis Construction LLC
By far the presentation ability to unify our message, is the most enticing tool within iRoofing. As a corporate trainer who specializes in onboarding and training the professionals that support the roofing industry, It is important to us to utilize innovative tools to be of better assitance to our property owners.
landen roofing app testimonial
Landen Smith
I've closed two deals this week because of iRoofing. I am absolutely in love with the roof simulator. I've already been bragging to other guys I know in the industry.
larry roofing app
Larry Terrell
Tycon Roofing
iRoofing has helped me drastically improve my business. I've shortened the amount of time in my appointments, while getting more accurate results, which in turn led to more deals. The technology impresses my clients, helps to build my value & credibility, & keeps a very organized spreadsheet of my customer database. The training & customer service is incredible, they teach you everything you need to know with support from a phone call away. I'd highly recommend iRoofing to any & all roofing contractors.
moef Roofing app
Moe Falah
Assured Contracting LLC
Oscar was great and thorough in walking through how to use it. Very knowledgeable. I can definitely see how this will help.
rcr testimonial
Nick Cox
Right Choice Roofing TX
"This program is fast and reliable! I am able to show up with the roof measured and priced out. I have eliminated the wait time for each and every measurement report not to mention the cost per roof measurement! With iRoofing I can measure a roof instantly and there is no wait time. I can finally focus on selling at each appointment and connecting with the client VS crunching numbers while I am there."
texasfam roofing application
Paul Perez
Texas Family Roofing and Construction
The team at iRoofing is always keeping you updated with new technology added to their app. Been a satisfied customer for two years and never will give it up.
rob roof app
Robert Beams
Forster Construction
Knight’s Services uses iRoofing and it’s one of the best services we offer to insurance carriers across 8 states. Customer service is their highest priority and the team is willing to work on anything for our company to help us offer accuracy to our customers. Thank you iRoofing for everything.
knights roofing app
Ryan Knight
Knight Services
I'd recommend this app to anyone in the roofing or siding industry, while the app is geared more towards roofing, there are a lot of great features for both, from the easy entry of the customer database to catalogs pics and other. I just had a training session with Oscar which was awesome by the way, Oscar spent over an hour with me one on one and taught me a lot, I liked the app prior to the training i just had
chi Roofing app
Denny Ashley
Certified Home Improvement, LLC
I use this program and helps me, I am very glad that I made that decision to have this program part of my company!! Thanks iRoofing
gp roofing testimonial app
Will Guinn
GP Roofing & Remodeling
App works seamlessly and flawless so far. Went through training session with Oscar and he's the man!!! Teaches well and takes his time with you.. highly recommend. already sold a job with the visualizer.
thegutterpeople roofing app testimonial
Kevin Nowak Jr
The Gutter People of WNY
I’m so glad I stopped by the iRoofing booth at the SRCS last week. Elizabeth was very helpful in explaining the many tasks you can do on the app. iRoofing will definitely save me time on getting measurements and will help give an informative, professional presentation to my customers. 5 stars
eric webber roofing app testimonial
Eric Weber
API Roofing & Exteriors LLC