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Your Digital Roofing Sales Presentation...

In our blog last year about how to Create a Killer Digital Pitchbook, we told you how roofing technology can help you create a highly effective sales presentation. Since then, the world has changed in monumental ways! In-home roof project sales pitches are going the way of door-to-door salesmen who fizzled out as fewer people felt comfortable opening their homes to strangers, no matter how kind and no matter how well known their brand.

These days, having the ability to present your company digitally with an engaging showcase of your company’s strengths, dependability, and past accomplishments can be better than any former means of closing a sale.

iRoofing introduced its mobile app in 2012 – mainly as a platform to empower roofing contractors with a modern means of bidding and closing more sales. The app wasn’t initially conceived as a remote sales solution, but it gradually became indispensable to  roofing professionals who discovered how much it reduced costs and presented their company more efficiently by doing many of the pre-installation tasks from afar. Now it serves as a tool to satisfy property owners’ desire and demand to review project details and costs, and make a purchase decisions, without physical interaction.

While iRoofing does all the technical tasks involved with remote measurements, detailed estimating, roof simulation, and client contact management, its most unique benefit is as a solution that combines all the data necessary, including a digital pitch book, to close roof project sales!

What's a Roofing Sales Pitch Book?

Include educational components of a roofing system to show your customers the value of your services.

Your customized digital pitch book within the iRoofing app gives you a selling advantage which is especially well-suited for social distancing and closing sales from afar. It also aids growing businesses in establishing consistent messaging among both new and seasoned sales people and staff. A pitch book is essentially a virtual slide and video showcase in the palm of your hand. Paired with a video conferencing tool like Zoom, you now have the ability to make a powerful impression on clients while meeting with them virtually. For many property owners, this modern sales approach is a preferred method and they expect a certain degree of technical competence from their roofing contractor to satisfy this preference.

Why is a Pitch Book Needed?

A new roof is a big investment and property owners want to feel they are making the right choice in their selection of a roofing contractor. Of all the selling roof tips, a pitch book best serves to build trust in your company by demonstrating professionalism and by educating your client on how a roof is built; installed; the materials that go into it, and what the advantages and disadvantages are of certain materials. Educating the client will enhance your value and support your price point, even if it’s a little higher than your competitors.

Only iRoofing gives you unlimited remote measurement and estimate technology combined with full-featured sales presentation capabilities. 

What to Include in Your Pitch Book

You earned them - now show them off! Display your company's stellar ratings and build trust with property owners.
  • Try to have 15 to 20 screens/slides showcasing your company
  • Add a team photo with everyone wearing logo’ed attire!
  • Show off your branded company vehicles
  • Include certifications, awards, and special licences
  • Outline your financing options, if applicable
  • Include information about you insurance coverages
  • Show before-and-after images of past jobs
  • Outline your preferred products and quality standards
  • Include customer testimonials
  • Include installation videos
  • Mention your use of roofing technology and its advantages
  • Outline your roof removal, disposal and clean-up process
  • Include educational components of a roofing system

Ready to Begin?

Watch this helpful video about creating your digital pitchbook.

How to Present to Your Clients... Virtually!

Video conferencing is a simple and effective way to practice social distancing. In general, virtual meetings are also a great way to close a sale from afar while still interfacing with clients on a personal level. When you have an impressive digital roofing sales presentation that’s always ready to go, a virtual meeting can easily lead to a closing!

  • Be prepared! If you are experienced in doing virtual meetings, or you’ve rehearsed for your upcoming session, you’ll move through it in an organized, professional, and timely fashion. Taking long pauses while wondering what to say next or stumbling over words makes viewers uncomfortable
  • Set up the scene in your office or home. What customers see in the background should look neat and professional 
  • A bright, well-lit set works best and reduces shadows. 
  • Wear your company attire. A clean, button down work shirt or polo bearing your company logo reinforces your professionalism
  • If your business partner or a crew member is nearby, it’s nice to have them pop-in for a visit!  Same goes for any furry, 4-legged mascot. Let them make a cameo!
  • Silence any ringtones and keep out other ambient noise to the extent possible
  • During the virtual meeting, always look straight at the camera, NOT at the screen in front of you. Making direct eye contact is friendlier
  • Don’t forget to keep your camera on while sharing screens with your client. They’ll continue to see you in a small inset windowroofing sales

Visual learner?

Watch this helpful video about conducting a virtual meeting.

Now, Don't "Get Out There" and Sell... Stay In and Sell!

Even after the COVID-19 pandemic fades away, most people believe social distancing will become a “new norm.”  And why not?  It makes sense to convey your company’s attributes and accomplishments from afar if you can still do it in a highly personalized way. And, it’s not all about staying away from sinister viruses. It’s about efficiency. By accomplishing as much as you can remotely, prior to the actual roof repair or installation, you’ll save time, gas, and wear-and-tear on your vehicles. You’ll also avoid a trip or two up a ladder, so your safety is also enhanced when you use a mobile roofing application, like iRoofing. Now, get out there and sell? Wait… No, stay in and sell!

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