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Our Story

iRoofing was formed in 2012 when an architect-scholar, a distributor of construction materials, and an IT specialist saw an opportunity to bring tech-driven solutions to the construction industry and long-term benefits to its workforce. Beginning with the North American roofing sector, iRoofing began to transform how projects are specified, presented, costed, sold, and supplied. From accessing satellite or aerial imagery, iRoofing can assess project needs down to the number of screws. 

By putting iRoof smart technology in the hands of contractors, the company initiated nothing less than a reformation of the industry’s business processes. But, the purpose of iRoofing’s co-founders extends well beyond their current achievements and roofing pros can stay tuned here and on Facebook @iroofing to see what else is in store.

Currently, iRoofing is also creating an environment for traditional construction workers to assume skills applicable to future opportunities in construction technology, automation, and virtual reality.

In January 2021, iRoofing merged with a property technology (proptech) company to continue its growth trajectory in the construction industry. The move provides a strong base for iRoofing’s continued software advancements, bringing even greater value to its clients.

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Excellent customer service is always our top priority. We do everything we possibly can to satisfy our client’s needs.

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By driving constant innovation, we provide our customers with unparalleled value and the best service in the industry.

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Honesty is the best policy. We prize trust, not only between ourselves and our clients, but also within our team.

Our team

Our team is patient, knowledgeable, and always happy to lend a helping hand when needed. We believe in fostering “can-do” attitudes through creativity, an unstoppable work ethic, and open communication.

One way this can be seen is through the open design of our office: there are no doors separating members of our team or preventing us from jumping in to assist clients at a moment’s notice.

Whether it’s by chat, email, phone, or a live demonstration, you will always find a familiar, friendly face on the other end.

Continuous Development

We have amazing in-house development teams that give us the ability to quickly adapt to our clients’ needs and regularly deliver innovative new features and updates. They stand at the core of what we do, and keep us on the cutting edge of software development.