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The most realistic roof shingle color selector and lifelike simulator

roofing visualizer app
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✓ Integrated with AI technology that will help you do the work even faster than before
✓ The ONLY roof simulator that works with multiple manufacturers
✓ Access to a huge selection of roofing materials and components
✓ User-customizable to show only the products available by area
✓ Technical specs, installation instructions, and approval docs

A roof shingle color selector that has evolved into something much more!

Meet the iRoofing Roof Visualizer, which is now powered by AI technology, making it the most effective way to close more sales and help property owners make a confident decision in one visit. There will be no more need for product sample boards or guesswork. Simply take a photo of any property and show clients how materials will look on their own roof BEFORE you install it! There’s no cost per-use. Every membership includes unlimited access for three users of your team. Create a WOW experience for property owners and close more sales with the most realistic roof visualizer app in the industry that is integrated with AI technology!

Meet our Roof Visualizer

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The most realistic roof Visualizer app available to all the roofers in the Northern Hemisphere. Show clients how their new roof will look before you install it by placing real products on a photo of their own property. You will have the largest manufacturer database at the tip of your fingers that exist in the industry. you will be able to confidently answer the most commonly asked question by homeowners: “But how will it look on my house?”

The Roof Visualizer offers a full suite of customization tools. It allows you the creative freedom to adjust any product’s size, angle, rotation, tilt, and shading to create the most realistic simulation possible. Show property owners a side-by-side comparison of numerous products and colors, that will help them choose the perfect look they want before to installation.
This feature allows homeowners the opportunity to make a confident decision because they’ve already seen exactly how each product will look on their own roof. Bringing sample boards or sending your prospects to showrooms is no longer necessary. A property owner’s biggest fear is making the wrong decision and this can now be prevented with the Roof Visualizer you’ve taken that worry away and increased their trust in your ability to provide the service they need.

See our roof color visualizer in Action

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Most Realistic Roof Visualizer

Show All Products on Any Roof or Siding

What Roofers Have To say

In the past, I would have to give addresses for people to go look at different shingle colors. Now with iRoofing, I save myself and our customers’ time and instantly show them how the shingle color they choose would look on their home.
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Jake Gast
Paragon Exteriors
By using the iRoofing Visualizer, we have double our closed rate, and your measurement tool has increased our productivity by 40%!
Eric Caraballoso Latite roofing review
Eric Caraballoso
Latite Roofing and Sheet Metal
This is Chris Ortiz with Earl Johnston Roofing. We have been using iRoofing for a while now. From my experience using iRoofing, I have found it is a very helpful tool. I can show homeowners samples of roof products and what their roof is going to look like when it’s done. This is an awesome feature and homeowners love it. iRoofing makes my job a lot faster and more professional. I’m able to measure a roof from my office before I go to the house so I’ll be ready when I get there. The customer service for iRoofing is the best, they have always been there when I needed any help. Bottom line: iRoofing is a great tool to have! It’s definitely the best thing since sliced bread. Any roofing company that’s not using iRoofing #ShameonYou.
Chris Ortiz
Earl W. Johnston Roofing, LLC
You are still going to be eye-to-eye with your customers, but instead of spending 20 minutes pulling measurements and calculating, I now have the roof measurements before I even get to the house. I still inspect the roof and check the number of layers so I can give an accurate price. I have found that most homeowners like the fact that I’m showing up prepared for the estimate. I also sold $29K last month because I was able to show the homeowner what all of the brands and colors that they were interested in would look like on the roof.
Anthony Lombardo roofing review
Anthony Lombardo
Lombardo Construction

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