Roofing Hats for Sun Protection


Sometimes the Only Shade is Under the Bill of Your Roofing Hat!

Few types of workers are more exposed to direct rays of the sun than are roofing specialists. Seldom is there even the slightest patch of shade on top of roofs.  Even on a chilly day, the sun is still a menace. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has requirements for hardhats in many construction working conditions, but for roofers who work where there are no risks of head injury by flying or falling objects, hardhats aren’t required. While working on a rooftop, there’s rarely anything dangerous overhead, only blue sky, puffy clouds, and the Sun. Granted, the Sun isn’t going to fall on anyone’s head, but there is a definite risk to roofers from over-exposure to harmful UV rays that are known to promote skin cancer, and a good roofer’s hat or cap can be a skin saver! In fact, studies conducted in sunny Australia prove that outdoor workers, especially roofing contractors working so often in unprotected areas with direct sunlight, receive 5 to 10 times the amount of Ultraviolet (UV) radiation compared to average citizens. 

Sun Protection Headwear for Roofing Pros

Roofing Hats ERA

The New Era Cap Company started in Buffalo, N.Y. in the 1920s. By the 1930s, the company tossed its Gatsby-style hats which were waning in popularity, and began outfitting sluggers with the first modern baseball cap! What roofer wouldn’t want to cover their noggin with a symbol of America’s greatest pastime The quality of New Era’s one-size-fits-all caps remains unmatched.

Roofing Hats LL BEAN

As a roofer, your head is that much closer than everyone else’s to the burning sun. No shade, no shelter – you’re stuck up there until the day’s deeds are done. Whether you’re proud of your red neck or not, too much sun is bad for your skin, so wear a hat that protects you well!

Roofing Hats Carthartt

Carhartt apparel is a jobsite essential and their cotton cap is built for comfort from real canvas that stands up to the toughest work conditions. Carhartt’s 100% washed cotton canvas is quick-drying and features a sweatband that wicks away sweat and adds to your comfort. Roofers have long trusted and admired the quality and style of Carhartt products and their canvas hat tops off its popular line of worker apparel. 

Roofer Hat ExOfficio

Knock harmful sun rays out of the park and ward off pesky flies and mosquitos. You’ll pay through the nose for this technically advanced cap, but for the quality and performance, it’s worth it. Eliminate glare, work faster, and protect yourself with the right headgear. ExOfficio knows all about that. 

Get Branded Roofing Hats from Vendors Like Merchology

Among the key strategies for building trust among property owners and reflecting the professionalism of your roofing company is in how well you present yourself.  Branded roofing apparel may seem superficial, but it’s important. Scores of websites offer ways to customize your roofing clothes items, including caps, shirts, and more. One of the best custom imprint sources is Merchology because it works with hundreds of fine manufacturers. Check it out. Click Here.

Tip Your Roofer Hats to "Roof Takeoff" Technology

When you know what to wear for roofing greatness, there’s only one more item you need to impress property owners – roofing software! Hi-Tech Contractors all over North America use the iRoofing app from their iPhones, iPads, Android tablets, and phones. It’s time to tip your roofing cap to UNLIMITED roof measurement reports, accurate estimates, new roof simulations, and easy customer database management! With iRoofing’s unparalleled digital sales presentation tool and digital pitchbook, you’ll sell more jobs and save money by never ordering 3rd-party takeoffs again.

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