Training. The Secret to Success with Roofing Technology

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in-house training

You learned what iRoofing offers. You grasped its potential to accelerate your business. You subscribed to the service, and now you’re ready to put technology to work. 

Here’s how the Customer Account Managers at iRoofing will help you quickly master your powerful new business tool, ensuring you’ll realize unprecedented efficiency and more income opportunities right away!

YouTube It!

Before diving into your free 1-on-1 live training, think about starting independently by watching a video featuring one of iRoofing’s veteran trainers, Richard Shillington. In this entertaining 25-minute program, we’ll guide you through most of the features of iRoofing working on Walter White’s house from Breaking Bad! After watching it you may find that you’ve acquired enough insight to perform many of the app’s functions before ever engaging with a trainer. After all, learning the iRoofing app isn’t quantum physics, in fact, it’s pretty simple.

A Quick Note about ZOOM

We’ll conduct your training using Zoom video and audio conferencing. It’s like GoToMeeting, WebEx and Skype, but better.  Prior to training, you’ll be reminded to download Zoom and we’ll provide a link for you to do so.

Get Prepared for Training

In order to be trained without delay be sure to have a compatible device. An iPad is ideal and Android tablets work, too. You can use an Android phone instead but certain features are not built into the phone app at this time.

Please note, iRoofing is optimized for use on mobile devices. It is not designed for desktop computers. If you need a compatible device, you can take advantage of our special package which includes a brand new iPad + 1 Year of iRoofing. See all pricing packages offered by  iRoofing. 

training iroofing

1-on-1 Training for Winners

If you can fend for yourself, all the power to you, but just an hour of free, personal training will get you up and running faster than any alternative. Once you schedule your training you’ll be one step closer to making work more efficient than you ever imagined. Here’s why we recommend 1-on-1 training so highly…

1. Shorten the learning curve

Get proficient on the app faster and start benefiting in the following ways:

    • Save time and money by performing measurements remotely, without a trip to the job site.
    • Bid more and get more jobs using the app as a prospecting tool
    • Eliminate the need to order 3rd-party roof measurements ever again.
    • Create an awesome pitch book and impressive presentations with digital tools.
    • Get inside tips from your Account Manager that will make even the trickiest houses measurable.

We’ll learn about your business so we can integrate the app into your specific use cases.

For the most part, any app you begin using for the first time, no matter how intuitive, is going to take some getting used to.  Online tutorials are helpful and tool-tips made available to you while using an app can be helpful too, but nothing is more effective than an hour of training with an expert who knows all the shortcuts.

2. Work on properties in your area

During your training, we’ll use the app on a property or two in your vicinity.

Different parts of the U.S. and Canada present different conditions and challenges. For example, homes and commercial properties in the southwest are very different architecturally than those in the northeast and midwest where architects incorporate more free-floating dormers and steep slopes to shed rain and melted snow.  In the drier west, more low slope and flat roofs are prevalent. 

In Canada, certain adjustments may be necessary in completing a roof report if local building codes require additional underlayment, for example. Switching measurements to metric may be helpful if not necessary for properties in and around Quebec.  All this can be explained during your 1-on-1 training with an iRoofing expert. 

During your training, you’ll learn to master measurement and estimating techniques relevant to the properties in your area.

3. There’s no such thing as a stupid question.

There’s no such thing as a stupid question… You’ve heard that line your whole life, from 1st grade on. There’s no shame in asking questions. In fact, it’s key to learning. If you are unclear about any function or feature of the iRoofing app, only in live training can you get an immediate answer. That said, subscribers can always call Technical Support for help, too. It’s free and unlimited – 800-646-6270.

4. Get assistance setting up your branded templates.

No other roofing app on the market can do all the things iRoofing can, including taking your accurate roof measurements and quickly converting them into highly professional and equally accurate roof project estimates. Adding to the professionalism that you’ll convey to clients with your detailed estimates is the fact that the templates reflect your brand and your specific pricing for labor, material and haul-away services.

During your 1-on-1 training, iRoofing will help set up your branded templates. There’s nothing that compares to clean, clear digital estimates when it comes to meeting and exceeding the expectations of the 21-century property owner!

training in session

5. Learn how to deal with measurement challenges

In 1-on-1 training, you and your Account Manager will explore various challenges that you might come across in your roof takeoffs. For example, heavy springtime foliage in the northeast U.S. makes iRoofing’s Clearoof™ high resolution, seasonal image options a great workaround. We’ll review Clearoof™ during your training and see if this new type of aerial imagery is available in your area, as it is in most places throughout the U.S. (Clearoof™ is not available in Canada at this time.)

Overhangs can also pose a challenge when dealing with overhead imagery from satellite and aerial sources. In this case, we’ll teach you very simple techniques for getting an accurate measurement on the portion of the roof concealed by the overhang.  

No matter what the challenge is, there’s a solution using the app and you’ll learn all the tricks of the trade during your training!

6. Maximize the use of drone images

Your Account Manager is an expert when it comes to measuring from drone images.  Learn how drones can be great for roof replacement reports, roof inspections and how to create repair estimates from your drone images. We’ll cover how drone images can supplement satellite and aerial imagery when those are insufficient due to obstructions. 

When it comes to iRoofing’s amazing Roof Visualizer which lets you simulate any roof material on an image of your client’s property, drone imagery can enhance the presentation.  You’ll learn how in your 1-on-1 training.

Roof BluePrints

7. Get help with measuring roofs using blueprints

The challenge with creating accurate roof takeoffs using blueprints is that blueprints don’t always indicate the dimensions of the roof and roof parts. In 1-on-1 training, we’ll show you just how easy it is to scale verify so you can determine accurate roof measurements from just one known linear dimension… and every architectural blueprint has linear measurements for the foundation, at least.  Don’t worry about factoring in eaves, either. The architect’s roof plan will provide a perimeter outline that should provide a clear idea of the extension of the eaves, usually a couple of feet, beyond the foundation outline. We’ll show you how simple it is to compensate for that.

8. Learn to tackle complex roof measurements

Forget about getting on top of a steep roof full of dormers, slopes and overhangs. The more complex a roof is the better (and safer!) it is to create the full roof report and estimate using iRoofing.

Feel free to present your Account Manager with your most complex roof job. We relish the opportunity to measure it with you.  It’s a great way to learn a lot of clever techniques in a single roof measurement.

9. Get best practices for using our Roof Visualizer

Last but not least, get expert guidance on using one of the most powerful selling tools in the roofing industry… iRoofing’s incomparable Roof Visualizer. Share a street view or oblique image of a property for which you hope to win a roof replacement job. We’ll help you put together your first simulation using any material you sell. 

Using the digital images from iRoofing’s comprehensive in-app manufacturers’ catalogs, we’ll teach you how to select and manipulate any image – shingles, shake, tile or slate – and conform it to precisely fit the slopes and angles of the house on which you’ll be installing it.

roofing contractor training

New to iRoofing? Get Training and Support whenever you need it

No doubt, technology makes doing a lot of tasks more easily. App design keeps getting better and better, while contractors and their clients are becoming more and more accustomed to interacting with high-tech. It doesn’t take much to achieve proficiency in only a few minutes. 

Even with some of the most robust, professional applications, contractors can quickly learn to use all the basic functions of an app just by watching a training video. But, to get the most value out of a powerful business application like iRoofing, 1-on-1 training is the way to go.

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