Why Should Roofing Businesses Use Satellite Roof Measurements for Roofing

In the fast-paced roofing industry, efficiency and precision make all the difference. Old School methods of measuring roofs by hand usually no longer meet the demands of today’s roofing businesses. This is where satellite roof measurements, especially tools like iRoofing, come into play, revolutionizing the way roofing companies approach measurements and sales, helping them close sales faster and more efficiently.

Understanding Satellite Roof Measurements

Satellite roof measurements utilize satellite imagery to accurately map and measure roofs, square footage, and specific roof parts. Then the pitch can easily be added to the measurement to provide you with a 98 percent accuracy roof report. This technology allows roofing professionals to perform measurements on their tablets, bypassing the need for physical roof inspections, thus saving time and reducing the risk of injury.

Key Benefits of Satellite Measurements for Roofing Contractors

  • Time Efficiency: iRoofing and similar tools drastically reduce the time spent on roof measurements and quoting processes. This efficiency enables roofing companies to respond faster to customer inquiries, ultimately helping them close sales faster.
  • Cost Savings: By eliminating the need for on-site visits, satellite roof measurements significantly reduce travel expenses and manual labor costs, allowing roofing businesses to allocate resources more effectively.
  • Competitive Advantage: In a crowded market, offering satellite roof measurements can distinguish your business from competitors. Showcasing the use of advanced technologies like iRoofing not only impresses potential clients but also enhances your company’s credibility and trustworthiness.
  • Increased Win Rates: Accuracy is crucial in the roofing industry. Satellite measurement technologies enable roofing companies to provide precise quotes in a report that is easily shared with the home owners improving their chances of winning jobs. The ability to quickly generate multiple measurements and quotes in a day can significantly impact your company’s success rate.
  • With iRoofing you would have access to the cloud storage allowing you to to safely store and backup your data. 

Why Roofing Companies Should Adopt Satellite Roof Measurements

  • Enhancing Customer Experience: Leveraging technologies like iRoofing elevates the customer experience by providing detailed and accurate roof measurements within minutes, setting the stage for exceeding homeowner expectations.
  • Scalability: Maintaining efficiency and quality becomes challenging as your roofing business grows. Satellite roof measurements offer a scalable solution, enabling businesses to expand without compromising service quality.
  • Streamlining Operations: Adopting satellite roof measurements simplifies the measurement and quoting process, making it easier for your team to manage increased workloads and maintain consistent standards.
  • If you are using the iRoofing Software an additional huge plus is being able to have all your information in one place and now with the cloud storage, you can have that information available from any company device.

Choosing the Right Roof Measurement Technology

Selecting the appropriate satellite roof measurement software, such as iRoofing, is critical. Consider factors like pricing, subscription options, integration capabilities, turnaround times, report quality, and customer support to find the best fit for your business needs. But the most important we would say is to avoid the hidden fees or the nickel and dime strategies.  Incorporating iRoofing into your business processes not only streamlines operations but also significantly impacts your ability to close sales faster. By adopting advanced measurement technologies, roofing companies can stay ahead in the competitive market, ensuring growth and success.  The greatest advantage would a having a clear subscription plan. Allowing you to add it to your budgeting plan trusting there won’t be any surprises or unexpected loss of revenue. 

iRoofing Will be There All the Way!

We know that sometimes companies worry about the transition and learning curve. Don´t worry we have the best support team ready to help. We really mean it!  So consider the transition to satellite roof measurements.  Embrace this technology to propel your business forward, meeting and exceeding the evolving expectations of homeowners and scaling your operations effectively.

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