Tips to Prevent Roof Industry Injuries

Roofing Safety
Urgent Roof Safety Advisory! Protect Roofers from Fatalities and Severe Injuries

Recently HSE released statistics about injuries and fatalities that occurred in the UK for 2023. The numbers are staggering and shocking. Since we are not sure what the statistics for the States are we were still concerned for our fellow industry workers. iRoofing cares deeply about you all so we decided to offer some helpful ideas since we would feel better knowing you are all safer.

Identifying and controlling rooftop hazards

Identifying and controlling rooftop hazards is crucial to prevent life-threatening accidents. Be aware of your surroundings and do your best to follow these essential safety measures to safeguard everyone in your crew and yourself.

  • Watch Out for Fall Hazards: First things first, let’s make sure we’re all protected from falls. Check the roof’s strength, look out for any holes, set up guardrails, and place ladders safely. Grab that inspection checklist and let’s get checking – pronto!
  • Power Tools – Handle with Care: Using power tools way up here can be tricky. Let’s make sure everyone knows how to use them right. Regular training and keeping an eye on the tools’ condition is a must to prevent any nasty surprises.
  • Electricity – Stay Alert: Working near power lines or with electrical equipment? Super risky! We must keep doing those electrical safety audits to spot and fix any dangers.
  • Beware of Hazardous Substances: Things like asbestos, paint fumes, and chemicals are no joke. Let’s handle them carefully, store them right, and always be mindful of the risks.
  • Extreme Temperatures – Stay Prepared: Whether it’s blazing heat or freezing cold, or working with torches, we’ve got to be ready. Let’s discuss it daily in our toolbox talk and decide if it’s safe to work.
  • Let’s Get Digital: SafetyCulture’s digital checklists is an easy go-to for spotting hazards fast. Quick action is key to keeping everyone on the roof out of harm’s way.

Your life matters - Decide to stay safe!

We all know that following all the safety measures on a construction site or roofing job can slow down the process and make it feel like you’re wasting time. Safety standards can feel unfair or unnecessary but the truth is that safety measures do preserve life. So make the right decision and make sure to tie off to anchor points whenever it’s required. 

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