MAVIC MINI: Downsize Your Drone. Upgrade Your Image.

mavic mini roofing drone

1st Under-250g Drone has Arrived!

Look. Up in the Sky. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the Mavic Mini!  This tiny craft is the newest edition from DJI, the leader in drone production and innovation. If you subscribed to our drone package in the past and you have the DJI Spark, great!  We hand-picked that one too, but DJI has discontinued them so we had to find a replacement. Finally, DJI came out with the perfect next generation drone – the Mavic Mini… and we have a whole squadron of them, each one waiting for you to assign it a mission! Believe me, you’re going to wonder why they didn’t call this aerial allstar the Magic Mini.

mavic mini infographic

Why We Love the Mavic Mini

1. No License Required*

By producing the first drone under 250 grams DJI has flown under the radar of regulations, so to speak. Due to the Mavic Mini’s light weight, most states and provinces won’t require you to have a license to legally fly this drone! 

*Technically, this applies to personal drones. Regulations and certifications relative to drones for commercial use might be a little different depending on your state or province, so you should check local requirements.  

small roofing drone

2. It's Compact

The more portable, the better as far as we’re concerned. Portability is the key to a do-it-yourself roof measurement and estimate app, so why not the drone, too?  You can take iRoofing wherever you go because every tool you need is right there on your tablet or smartphone.  And, since this tiny drone’s surface dimension is about the same as an iPhone X, Mavic Mini’s mobility means much more than marginally maximized measurements.

3. It's Affordable

The Mavic Mini hit the market in November 2019 at an MSRP of about $399. But, when you purchase it as part of an iRoofing annual subscription you’ll save money. Contact iRoofing for immediate assistance or check our Pricing page for package details, coming soon!

"Mavic Mini's mobility means much more than marginally maximized measurements!" (Say it 3 times fast.)

4. More Capabilities

The Mavic Mini enhances your roof measurement and simulation capabilities by enabling you to capture images in higher resolution than satellite imagery.  You can photograph the property from any angle, too. Then, seamlessly upload those great pictures to the iRoofing app. Next, retrieve one of thousands of roofing material images from the app’s digital catalog and create a perfect simulation of the customer’s new roof. The sale is in the bag!

5. Simple to Use

You don’t need to be Captain Sully Sullenberger to fly the Mavic Mini in heroic form! The remote controller is simplified. The easier, the better! That has always been our motto here at iRoofing! 

6. Impress Your Clients

Showing up to a property and unpacking your state-of-the-art drone will really impress the homeowner. Instantly they’ll know they’re not dealing with any Joe Schmo… Nope, they’ll know they are working with the contractor of the future!

drone for roofing

7. Have Fun with It

It’s fun to fly the Mavic Mini. As you hover over a property you’ll watch all the action right on your personal mobile device screen. Just resist the urge to fly over the neighbor’s backyard pool to check out the sunbathers – That’s an invasion of privacy and you’ll be grounded for it!

8. It's Dynamic!

Getting a direct overhead image helps you obtain the most accurate measurements.  The Mavic Mini’s on board camera tilts straight down 90°. You can get direct overheads by accessing iRoofing’s satellite imagery, but whenever you need something at a higher resolution, or if a satellite image is difficult to use due to natural obstructions, send up the little Mavic Mini to finish the job in style.

See Your Business Soar Ever Higher

Today in North America, the market for small drones is roughly $15 billion and growing steadily. That’s because drones have attained popularity among both the hobbyist and the business professional. In addition, drones have never been so affordable and easy to fly. Their practical applications for roofing and construction are obvious. Today every successful roofing contractor should have a drone, especially since they can couple it with smart technology such as a do-it-yourself remote measurement app.  If your company does not yet have a drone, now is the time to get on board and see your company’s potential soar ever higher!

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