How iRoofing Can Help During Hurricane Season

A sign stating that there is a hurricane ahead.

It’s that time of the year again—hurricane season’s knocking at the door. You and I both know that hurricanes mean two things for us in the roofing industry: A lot of people need our help, and man, we get swamped with work!

Last year and the years before, some roofers even had to turn away business because the demand was just too crazy. It’s a tough call to make, especially when people are in a jam. That’s why we wanted to write you a quick article about how the iRoofing software can make your life easier this season and for the rest of your roofing career, and how we can assist our fellow communities.

Benefits Of Using iRoofing in Hurricane Season

In the roofing industry, we know that the manpower or manual labor in the reparations and construction of roofs don’t have shortcuts because the work needs to be done right for the safety of everyone who will be living in that home.  What if we told you we could still help you save time in other ways? 

We can guarantee that you can save enormous amounts of time in the first stages of trying to land a job. Our  iRoofing Software was created with the intention of helping roofers close the sale on the spot. You will also be able to save some money since you won’t need to pay extra hours for work that our DIY Roofing Software can do for you. There is no need to send a crew to measure a roof on site or have a secretary take the time to write out estimates and figure out the math of the prices of materials and labor. The Roofing software can help you measure roofs virtually and it can help you transform those roof measurements into an estimate that you can use for your sales pitch. 

Here is a list of our software tools that will help you optimize your efforts and allow you to focus your energy on other matters. This is why iRoofing can help you grow and improve your Roofing Business.

Architect home In a design.

Real Tips During Hurricane Season for Homeowners

Most areas that are used to dealing with heavy storms and hurricanes are already pretty good at prepping for the yearly season. We would like to share some additional tips that might be helpful to new residents in that area.

Home Insurance/Home Warranties

Yes, the right move is to get home insurance or home warranties before hurricane season. How about if you are new to the area or live in a place that usually is not affected by such weather? From experience, I can tell you it’s better to be safer than sorry.  If you do not have warranties or insurance what are you waiting for? No area is exempt from natural disasters. The world is changing and weird things are happening to places that never had those situations happen a decade ago.

I would recommend contacting your local insurance companies to see their policies if you don’t have home insurance. Some may be able to provide their services before 48 hours of a pending or incoming hurricane.

Create a Virtual Insurance Folder

Use technology to your advantage. Nowadays there are so many clouds like Google Drive that are free. They allow you to store Word documents, PDFs, images, photos, and almost anything that exists online. iPhones and other apps allow you to scan documents and then you can store them online. I would recommend reviewing and updating these documents before Hurricane Season. You can always do it right after so you are prepped and mostly ready for next year in case you forget to update information. 

Always make sure to keep track of insurance policy dates. Also make sure you update images or documents that may have changed. Photos of your home features that were modified like in case of new home modifications are also important to keep in mind. 

One of the amazing things about a cloud like Google Drive is that it is accessible from anywhere you are. From any device that may not be personally your own, as long as you remember your passwords. Some clouds even offer access if you are offline. Having access to my personal documents has saved me in unfortune accidents.

Get an Inspection During Hurricane Season it's Not too Late

Sometimes we think that it’s too late for something. The truth is that you won’t be able to truly know until you ask. So make the calls. Contact your local roofing companies to see if they can get out there to do a Roof Inspection.  Missing or damaged shingles can make your roof more vulnerable to Heavy Storms. Did you know that there are these hurricane ties that can be installed that are an added buffer of protection? An expert roofer can guide you through any necessary repairs or adjustments that could make all the difference this hurricane season.
A roofer inspecting the roof.

Roofers and iRoofing Making a Real Difference

Roofers and home owners we may be in the middle of a hurricane season. Yet there is still something that we all can do to have a favorable outcome this year. Roofers who are ready to help more people this season make sure to visit our site so you can book a free demo. Our experts will get you all set up so you can start using our Roofing software right away! The iRoofing family wishes you all a safe hurricane season.

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