Why Should Roofers Use the iRoofing App?

Roof Visualizer on iPad

The world is always changing and transforming. With the computer and internet revolutions the limits of humankind seem to have come to a point where there is no apparent limit to what it could become. Only a lack of imagination limits the boundaries. This is how and probably why apps came into existence. There are amazing apps for almost everything, so why not an amazing Roofing App added to the list?

In 2012 that is exactly what happened. An architect-scholar, a distributor of building supplies, and an IT professional saw an opportunity to deliver tech-driven solutions to the construction sector and long-term advantages to its workers. This revolutionary idea lead to the founding of the iRoofing app. 

iRoofing started changing how projects are specified, presented, priced, sold, and supplied in the North American roofing industry. Using satellite or aerial photography. As you can see there are a lot of reasons why professional roofers should use the iRoofing App. We will share some of the most important on this article

Save Money with Unlimited DIY Roof Reports

All roofers know that preparing for a bid on a roofing job is time-consuming. You can become more efficient by using our iRoofing software and roof measuring tools. Our platform offers unlimited digital DIY measurements that can be done on a roof image or home blueprint.

We have an additional feature called the field verification system You can even double-check the report with one simple measurement on-site by verifying one additional measurement.  This process can actually dial in accuracy beyond what satellite measurement companies can do remotely from their offices. This a really great tool for variable terrains.

By using our roofing app you will certainly save precious time and money by being able to engage with the customer instead of being on the roof manually measuring everything. They will be able to see a professional report created within minutes that will also include an estimate. This will allow you ample time to educate the customer as to why your company is the right choice for their roofing project. 

An important fact to mention is that you will also have a competitive edge by using our app because you won’t be waiting on someone else to complete 3rd party expensive reports. Your first impression can be a sales presentation with all the details the homeowner needs to make a decision to work with you.

Close More Sales and Make More Money

The iRoofing software and features can help close more sales since you can create unlimited instant measurement estimates from satellite images, drone images, blueprints, or even drawings made by hand.

All you need is to add the cost of materials and customized services you will be providing on the project. The iRoofing instant estimator will produce an estimate after it is set up. Allowing you to submit the bid on the spot. 

While preparing an estimate with our roof-measuring software you will have access to one of the largest product databases in the country. Which will be essential when turning an estimate into a quote. The estimate can then be used to create a material order. All the tools you need to close a deal on the spot will be at the tip of your fingers with our iRoofing app. 

The estimator has additional tools that will help you close deals on the first visit. It provides measurement tools, a roof visualizer, and a digital pitchbook for your company. These tools are designed to help roofers stand out from the competition. All of this will allow you to close more bids and grow your profit. 

Build Trust & Close the Sale on the Spot

Dinno Skeleton iRoofing
Market Research shows that first impressions are made between 7-17 seconds of business presentations. Using technology and carrying a tablet is the first step in setting the right impression that will transmit professionalism and preparedness to your potential customer.  The iRoofing software allows you to present presentations and a pitchbook page that is customizable and will be unique to your company’s motto and standards. Ensuring and showing that you are the best choice for the job.  You will be able to present a slide show of all the completed projects, certifications, pictures of the insurance license, and anything that will help instill confidence that you can handle their project. You even have the option to add testimonials from previous clients on these customizable bid presentations. 

Connect with Customers to Grow Your Business

The iRoofing customer database tool is the solution to the stacks and files piled inside of cabinets or files in the desktop computer that could be hard to find if you forgot how you saved the customer information. This customer database allows you to save all of the information in one place. 

It allows you to pull up that customer’s information or any information from any job you have done with the iRoofing app on the go. It can present you with the info on a visual map overview that is customizable with the current status of the job. 

All you need to do is tap on the job site or search with the name or address site and you will have access to all of the information from chosen products, property photos, measurements, simulator photos, material orders, contracts, permits, scheduled visits, and even payments. It will become like a mini personal assistant on the go.  

Using the iRoofing software can help you grow your business because if a potential customer asks if you have done any jobs near them, you can show them real information about the completed projects in the area or the city. 

Use Our AI-Based Roof Visualizer

The iRoofing app has the most realistic simulator in the industry. This tool allows you to take any product from any manufacturer and instantly show the customer how a completed job on their own home would look like using that specific product.  Any hesitation about how a specific color will turn out to look will no longer be a blocker in the closing of the deal. You will be able to show them multiple samples in an instant. It even has the option to show 2 samples side by side so the customer can see the difference and can choose the option of their liking.  The iRoofing measuring software provides a full option of customizable options from lighting, angles, pitch, shading, and product size. These presentations will allow you to offer realistic options to the customer. 

Order Roofing Products Directly Through the App

Roofing app for iPhone with material image

Material orders are made easy. Any roofing estimate can become a quick quote or a purchase order from any distributor across the country. Once you load an estimate the calculation for the materials will be completed by the estimator tool.

After that, you can choose the distributor. Orders are done via email. The distributor will provide prices via this email link and can adjust prices and prices will also be saved so you can use them for future projects. All prices are based on your personal relationship with that distributor. 

Most major distributors are already connected with our iRoofing app. In case a distributor is not in our system, you can still request to add them. It will be up to that individual companies if they are open to receiving your orders via email.

Onboarding Assistance

iRoofing will provide free onboarding support. Our software is user-friendly and reliable however you will need to receive training. This will guarantee your personal satisfaction and your customer satisfaction since you will be able to offer them all the tools and features we have to help you with your bid presentations. 

  • The onboarding is live you will not receive assistance via a chatbot. You will be speaking with someone who will be able to resolve any doubts and answer your questions. 
  • Our onboarding is free. Our onboarding is not a one-time thing. Like most companies that speak to you only once, then they are not really interested in touching bases again. 
  • 1-1,  you will have an expert who meets with you personally. It will be personalized onboarding where they will fit your needs. It will go at your personal pace. Our specialists are happy to meet weekly till you are comfortable and confident with our software. 

Our expert onboarding team will be able to help you become an expert with the iRoofing software. Our team will help you have a competitive edge over your competition. You will never feel alone in case of doubts or support.

Account Manager Support Live

I was watching an interaction with one of our pros. The pro needed to prepare a report for a potential client. The issue was that there was heavy tree coverage and not all the app tools available due to the rural location. I asked Emma Solorzano one of our amazing Account Managers after the meeting,  ¨Does that happen a lot where there is so much tree coverage that you have to help them so closely?¨

Emma answered, ¨Not very often, but it is common. What helps out a lot is Clearoof but unfortunately in this area, there isn’t Clearoof.¨

So why should roofers use the iRoofing App? In this situation, I could see why a Roofer should really use our app. Even where other competitors would have had the same situation our Account Managers make all the difference. The Nicholas the roofer thought of Emma the moment he saw what he was dealing with. He said it on the call and even sent her an amazing email.  

Nicholas the roofer knew that going into that meet and greet with a potential customer is essential to establish the right first impression. Being prepared can make all the difference was the topic of that conversation. You can always read more testimonials that other Roofers have written about us on our iRoofing Testimonial Page.

Frequently Asked Questions On Google that iRoofing Can Answer

  1. What is the most accurate roof-measuring app? Since most apps may be able to provide you with roof report measurements, keep in mind that there can be a human error while sketching a roof. The iRoofing measurement tool is accurate but it also has a feature called Scale Verify which will confirm your accuracy to 100%, if for whatever reason you were off on your sketch. A bonus is that our account managers will teach/train you on how to use all of our iRoofing tools for accuracy.
  2. Is there an app for measuring a roof? iRoofing has one of the best measurement tools in the Roofing Software industry and has satisfied and continues to satisfy thousands of users.
  3. Can Google Maps measure my roof?  You may use Google Earth to sketch a roof and you can obtain approximate roof measurements but it will not be 100% accurate. Keep in mind that it won’t provide you with a roof report, and will not give you the ability to obtain a pitch report. Google Maps was not created to measure roofs. It can be helpful for additional information however, in some instances it can occur variances of up to 20%.
  4. How do I measure my roof pitch with my phone?  Our pitch tool is easily maneuverable to obtain accurate pitches. All you will need to do is to mark 3 points onto the roof and the pitch tool will give you an accurate pitch. Our account managers will teach/train you on how to use all of our iRoofing tools.

Be Part of the iRoofing Family

After seeing all the features iRoofing has to offer and how it can help you save time and money, all we ask is to allow us to help you. The app was created with a vision to fulfill a purpose as mentioned earlier. You can give it a try by clicking here and having one of our Account Executives give you a free demo.

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