Top 10 Reasons To Use Technology For Roof Measurements

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Many guides will explain to you how to use house measuring software, specifically how to measure roofs. But in this article, I’ll like to focus on the importance of measuring roof squares and roof pitch on any property from afar. So here are your Top 10 Reasons to use technology for roof measurements:

1. Save Time

Time is precious to anyone in business. When “busy work” can be reduced, there’s more time to do the important stuff…selling to customers! If a roofing professional can eliminate trips to the job site, and time on ladders and atop roofs, they can get a leg up on the competition (no pun intended)! Technology tools now allow you to use aerial/satellite top views, bird’s eye views and street view imagery to perform house measurements remotely. Now, you can spend more quality time where it counts most –  in front of homeowners.

2. Save Money

Anyone who has purchased roof reports from a 3rd party can relate to this one͢͢…Measurements for an average size home could run from $35-$55 or more! By measuring roof square footage yourself using roof measurement software, you can realize a return-on-investment after just 2 or 3 measurements using their app. Plus, you have virtually no limit on how many measurements you can do. There are also potential cost savings in gas by requiring fewer trips to the job site, and savings on hourly labor costs.

3. Avoid Liabilities

Of the top 10 riskiest jobs, roofing holds the dubious ranking of #6.  Falls, potential electrical shocks, and injuries by unknown hazards…anything can happen up there, especially when the roof isn’t in good condition. (That’s why you’re there, isn’t it?) It has been proven that a big part of the accidents happen while performing roof measurements since it’s treated as a quick task to prepare the roofing estimate. Sometimes measurements are done without all the usual safety apparatus, too. Now there is no longer a need to climb a roof to physically measure it. With aerial roof measurement technology, you can greatly reduce incidents of on-the-job injuries.

4. Achieve Accuracy in Roof Measurements

Accurate roof measurements from drone or satellite images are ensured when incorporated into a measurement software tool like iRoofing. Hand measurements can be off due to inadvertent exclusions of small roof sections, erroneous pitch miscalculations, the absence of measurement verification, or simply a figure that is written down incorrectly. Roof measuring software prevents the human error in manual measurement and produces the most accurate roof reports possible.

5. Meet More Prospects

Due to how fast you can perform house measurements using technology, you’re able to increase the number of bids you can produce. With the time you save doing your own measurements quickly and remotely, you’ll gain more opportunities to meet new customers. John Walters of AAA Construction and Restoration Services said “With iRoofing I was able to do 17 estimates in 1 hour. Got the job and a raise. iRoofing paid for itself for 10 years today.” More customers mean more sales, especially when considering the presentation tools as well. I’ll cover these in another article!


6. Market Your Services Proactively

Imagine, while working on a roofing project the next door neighbor comes by and asks for a quote. Instead of telling them you’ll be by later or in the next few days, you can start their house measurements while they stand next to you. With technology, you can take a proactive approach by creating roof measurements from satellite images of any home in the neighborhood. Next, when you meet again with the property owner, you’re ready to explain the cost and even show them a simulated finished roof product on a digital image of their home. Now that’s efficient!

7. Ease of Learning

The great thing about a well-designed digital roof measurement solution is that it’s so easy to do things that were either difficult or impossible to do before. For example, if you ask contractors who currently use iRoofing they’ll tell you how simple and fast it is to adopt the technology and how it increased efficiency in their everyday tasks. After some brief training, they were able to measure common residential roofs in minutes.

8. Spaceage Innovation at Your Fingertips

The satellites circling the heavens have made getting from point A to point B a lot easier. When was the last time someone rolled down their window and asked you for directions? The same technology that drives Google Maps and Waze is the basis for highly-advanced aerial roof measurement capabilities. Well-designed technology can integrate roof measurements into satellite mapping. It’s revolutionizing the way you too can get the job done! Plus, the imagery and satellite technology is always improving.

9. Drone Measurements

Camera-packing drones take roof measurement and inspection to yet another level. With a drone, you can document roof conditions with birds-eye-views, close-up pictures, and images from oblique angles. Now, satellite images, drone images, and blueprint images give technology-equipped roofing professionals the technology they need for measuring roof square footage perfectly, not to mention, it makes for very professional presentations to property owners!

10. Make a Great First Impression

Imagine being on a dark colored roof doing a manual measurement. It can get up to 190 degrees up there! Of course, you’ll be sweating. With roofing measurement technology, you’ll be able to do the measurements in the comfort of your home or office. Instead of red-in-the-face and short of breath, you’ll meet with the homeowner in your company button-down ready to present the complete roof report and close the sale!

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