Roofings Premier Phone App has Arrived!

roofing app for phone

Roofing's Premier Phone App has Arrived!

and it’s “Empower-ful!”

You asked for it – We spent months developing it! iRoofing for Android™ phones is now available in the Google Play Store. The official launch date was Wednesday, August 7, 2019. iPhone user? Our roofing app for Apple iPhones is now available in the App Store!

Since 2012, iRoofing has been empowering thousands of roofing contractors with advanced measurement and sales presentation technology, putting them in complete control of every aspect of a roofing project including unlimited roof reports. Now you can benefit from iRoofing’s ground-breaking digital solutions with simply an Android phone. 

Oh, how the world is changing! Our new phone app is as fast as lightning and features a slick user-interface. (Webby Awards here we come!) The efficient mobile design was painstakingly engineered for you to enjoy painlessly. 

Some of the best features of iRoofing’s tablet version have been simplified and optimized to make them ideally compatible with Android phones. These design innovations will translate well to our tablet version, so look for updates to that as well.

phone roof calculator

Roofing pros, meet your new BFF.

Unlimited Measurements from your phone

Just like our tablet version, the iRoofing phone app lets you measure a roof from satellite, drone and blueprint images. You now have an Android app for measuring square footage, calculating squares and labeling each roof part (ridge, hip, valley, eaves, gutters, vents, ice & water… virtually every item needed in a roof replacement 

You’ll be amazed when you complete your first roof report with the same device you use to play Candy Crush. Your phone also has a roof pitch app for Android. When it comes to calculating pitch there’s really nothing better than iRoofing’s patented Pitch Detector. You can measure pitch from slope, hip, valley or rake. The Pitch Detector along with other measurement tools like Scale Verify will ensure the accuracy of your measurements. Now more than ever, iRoofing gives you control of the measurement process from A to Z. 

If you like iRoofing’s enhanced aerial imagery, Clearoof, it too is coming to our phone version very soon. Clearoof is iRoofing’s new high resolution imagery generated from specially-equipped aircraft. You still have satellite images and with Clearoof you’ll now have an option when a satellite image is obstructed or you need a seasonal image. 

Measure roof Phone Frame

Organizing the Unorganized

The Android phone app literally orchestrates smartphone functionality with iRoofing. (You can almost hear the music playing, can’t you?) Create new contacts on your phone; define their status…”Lead,” “Opportunity,” “Estimate,” “Sold.” You can map their location, click-to-call and click-to-email them. You can save their billing and insurance info, and schedule “tasks” so that you’ll never fail to follow-up with a hot lead. Property photos are easily placed into the customer profile and you can add your customers’ preferred products, too. It’s amazing.  

Property Photos

It has never been easier for you to take your property pictures and save them to a customer profile. It’s all integrated into the app! When you take a picture with your phone it can appear instantly in the right place – no need to drag and drop a thing. When you have a customer profile on the screen, just snap away.  You can annotate the pictures you take by drawing on them and jotting down notes with your fingertip. And don’t worry, you can upload images too. 

For those who use iRoofing’s tablet version, your beloved Roof Visualizer is not part of our current phone version, as it works best on a bigger screen display. But, don’t lose sleep. iRoofing always listens to client feedback and adds features you feel will help your business.

Picture Perfect Pitchbooks

Your pitchbook is just as impressive on your phone as it is on your tablet. Why? Because it’s on your phone for heaven’s sake! When you show-off your company credentials and past work using your smartphone, your customer is going to look at you like you’re Steve Job’s reincarnated. Your pitchbook is branded to reflect your company’s identity with your logo, team pictures, contact info, snapshots of the jobs you’ve done for property owners in your area, an overview of your roof replacement process, customer testimonials, and even videos! Most importantly it’s easy to share it with your customers.

Material and Accessories Catalogs Gone Wild

As with our iPad and Android tablet version, you have access to thousands of roofing products from the world’s leading manufacturers. You can choose which manufacturers and products to feature, concentrating on those you like to sell and those available from your distributors. You can share ideas with your customers by selecting items and putting them into the customer profile.  But wait, there’s something brand new with our Android phone app which its “big brother” tablet app doesn’t have! It’s a tool for consumers. Now property owners can download the Android phone app for free. Free access ONLY shows users the digital manufactures catalogs, but this is a big breakthrough because now anyone can browse roofing products, select their “favorites” and share them with their roofing contractor. Hopefully, that’s you!

Supercool Tool for Inspection Reports

In the Android phone version 2.0 and in the upcoming iPhone version of iRoofing, roofing contractors have a complete Inspection Report Tool. This is something the tablet versions do not feature. iRoofing put an inspection report tool on the phone app version because roofing professionals invariably have their phone on hand when they’re at the property or on top of a roof. Now, with your phone’s camera, you can capture images of roof damage and integrate them instantly into a comprehensive roof inspection report. The professional digital report covers the scope of the inspection; the roof history; roof condition; workmanship; recommendations and photo documentation and descriptions of each troublespot. The app intelligently guides you or a roof inspector through the process in an incredibly simple and efficient way.  As a roofing contractor with iRoofing’s Android phone app, you now can offer a new line of service… roof inspections!


For more information about iRoofing’s new Android phone app version, contact 800-646-6270, visit or hit us up on Facebook @iRoofing

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