iRoofing’s Clearoof™ Aerial Imagery – Clearly an Enhancement to Roof Measurements

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Nowadays it’s amazing how you can type an address into Google Maps and quickly zero-in on any home just about anywhere. We’ve gotten so used to satellite mapping and street views that it’s really not that special to us anymore. Yet, there’s no doubt this space-age technology has revolutionized everything from getting around town to shopping for a new home.  For roofing contractors, satellite imagery has really made their job easier. With innovative roofing software, you’re able to use built-in roof measurement tools to trace each roof slope and instantly determine linear dimensions, square footage, and calculate roof squares. They can label each roof part, create a roof report and do a whole lot more.  

Clarity Makes Measurements Easier

But what happens when a satellite image is obscured by bad weather or leafy trees?  What if the image is not quite clear and you can’t decipher a hip from a valley? Enter Clearoof™! It’s a solution using high-resolution aerial imagery.  So, you can perform remote roof measurements with unencumbered ease… no need to drive to the property and climb a ladder.  Clearoof™ uses imagery taken from specially equipped aircraft which, to-date, have surveyed approximately 70% of the United States. iRoofing is currently the only roofing software that integrates multi-season, high-resolution aerial imagery into a do-it-yourself roof measurement solution. With iRoofing installed on an iPad or Android tablet,  Clearoof™ images can be selected by month for most any property.

In a recent article in Yahoo Finance, Daniel Meridor, a co-CEO of iRoofing noted, “Our portable app has already given contractors a full-featured, affordable, do-it-yourself measurement tool leveraging satellite imagery and standard aerial images. The system automatically converts measurements into a full estimate that includes all labor, services, and materials, right down to the number of roofing nails needed. By developing Clearoof™ we have removed the last barrier to fulfilling our customers’ complete needs. Before, if a satellite or aerial image was hindered by obstructions such as springtime foliage, they were stuck with it. Now they can go back in time.” 

Clear Benefits

  • High-Resolution overhead imagery
  • Option to measure from images by season/month 
  • 70% of all U.S. properties captured
  • Seamlessly integrated into roof measurement software
  • Frequently updated image database
  • Alternative when satellite imagery is obscured
  • Enhances roof inspection reports for insurance purposes
  • No need to purchase 3rd-party roof measurement reports

Clearing the Way for Do-It-Yourself Measurement

This high-resolution option, now accessible within the roofing industry’s most advanced app, leaves virtually no reason for a roofing professional to purchase costly 3rd-party roof reports.

In another story published in MarketWatch, Meridor emphasized why roofing software is catching on like wildfire with successful roofing professionals. “As we consistently work to perfect the solution with improvements like Clearoof™, confidence in our technology is reinforced. At the end of the day, we are here to empower contractors.” 

Clearly Others can Benefit too.

Clearoof™ extends roofing software’s usefulness to other professions.  Landscape design companies, fence and decking contractors, paving companies, real estate brokers, architects, land developers, and others can benefit from high-resolution aerial images. The innovation may also help insurance providers substantiate property damage claims.

Learn More about Clearoof™

Learn more about Clearoof™. Watch this video. 

Clearoof Aerial Imagery 4x Clearer than Google Earth, as seen on:

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