6 Reasons Roofers Make Great Anglers

From sea to shining sea… from lake to glistening lake… and from river bend to river bend, roofing specialists have a knack for hooking everything from snook to snapper. We noticed a trend among our clients who are roofing contractors—they possess a passion for the great outdoors! It makes sense. They spend a lot of time outside on the job and they have a perspective not afforded most people. Standing atop a roof sometimes 20-, 30- or 40-feet high, and much higher if they’re on a commercial project, roofers get to look out over the world, appreciate the landscape, and yearn to explore it.

iRoofer TJ Stinson of Rackley Roofing with his custom-wrapped digs!

Why Roofers Make Great Anglers


Virtually all roofing pros have a truck, so they have no problem pulling a boat. If they’re independent contractors, they can use the truck whenever they want. If their truck is part of a company fleet, they can ask the boss if it’s OK to take the truck to the marina. Why not… it’s a rolling billboard and boat owners are home owners, so maybe you’ll get a few leads from fellow anglers! 


Pacing around a roof with a 4, 5, or 6 pitch isn’t a walk in the park. Roofing contractors are used to it, though. They’ve developed great balance from an occupation to which the closest comparison would be a circus tightrope walker. So, when a roofing pro is out there on the briny blue, it helps that they can stand up in a boat with little chance of taking a plunge.


FatMax Long Cut Snips; Estwing 16-ounce Hammer; Stanley Hammer Tacker… roofers know a good tool when they see one and there’s nothing like the right tool to make the job easier.  Same goes for fishing.  Roofing pros know that a good rod and reel catches more fish. Lures are the most essential items of fishing gear, and you can bet roofing pros have their tackle box graced with an assortment of the most enticing spinners, jigs, spoons, and flies! 


Here at iRoofing, some of our most successful clients are female-led roofing companies. In the angler’s arena, this is no different – these game-changing ladies can reel in a record-breaking catch with the same ease they can spearhead a big roof replacement project – residential and commercial alike! As it turns out, rugged outdoor sports have their calling – and it’s not just the tough guys who are answering.

Image courtesy of @TFORods on Twitter.


Roofing pros are the least likely folks to need the Coast Guard to come out and rescue them.  Most roofers can fix anything. Their minds just work that way. You’ve heard the old saying… a boat is just a hole you pour money into. But that’s not necessarily true when it comes to roofing contractors. For them, most mechanical and even cosmetic repairs can be done with simply a little tinkering and toil.


Fishing’s great rewards are not limited to pulling in fighters, snapping proud selfies, then releasing your conquests back into the wild. Bagging some bass, perch, crappie, walleye or catfish to put in the livewell, to then bring home and feast on is also a wonderful benefit of being a good angler. Roofing pros seem to all share a special trait… grilling out. (They’re not bad at frying either. They’ve been “fried” countless times on sunny summer days working to complete a new roof! No one can concoct mouth-watering fresh fish dishes on the grill or in the kitchen quite like a roofing contractor. 

The RCASF Fishing Tournament

Each year the Roofing Contractors Association of South Florida organizes a big fishing tournament. For 2020, the event had to be cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic, but in 2021 it will come back with a vengeance!  To date, roofing professionals in South Florida are credited with raising $500,000 for Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Does your regional roofing association stage a fishing tournament? Maybe they should. It’s a great way to get out and have fun while supporting the community. 

Can you help us back up the bold claims we’ve made in this article?

Got any pictures of you and your big catch? Your bass boat? Your fishing kayak? Your Boston Whaler? We’ll add them to this article and  prove to the world that it’s true… roofing professionals are the ultimate anglers!  Join our Facebook group and share a snapshot of you with your sea monster!  We’ll tag your company and spread the word. 

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