Save Time by Using a Drone to Measure a Roof!

The rising popularity of drones in the roofing industry is no accident. Professional contractors everywhere are seeing the advantages of merging technology with their toolbox; allowing increased safety, higher accuracy, less headaches, and the type of modern presentation clients now expect. Simply put, combining high-resolution drone imagery with a powerful roof measurement application (i.e. iRoofing) means more sales. The days of spending 30+ minutes on a roof to calculate measurements – only to lose the bid – are becoming a thing of the past.

However, before operating a drone, be sure to carefully follow all local and federal laws and regulations. Many areas have recently made it necessary to acquire a drone license before taking flight. Others have restricted where drones can and cannot fly (airports and public parks are a prime example). A full list of your area’s drone laws and regulations can be viewed HERE on the National Conference of State Legislatures website. And a full PDF of the FAA’s Federal guidelines can be viewed HERE.

Once properly registered, your business will be ready for take-off, leaving a lasting impression on your clients while establishing yourself as an innovator in the industry.

Safe and successful flying out there!