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Measure + Create
Roof Reports from your
Laptop or Desktop

Introducing the first version of iRoofing’s web product.

Create unlimited, detailed roof measurement reports from your computer using the app’s satellite imagery.

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Measure Roofs Online

Simply enter an address and accurately measure and label roof components using Satellite imagery.

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See + Edit Projects

Search, view list, open and edit any completed roof reports, as well as any still in-progress.

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Save + Share Reports

Save your measurements and roof reports, easily export them as PDFs, or email them to clients and colleagues.

Use iRoofing Software on your Desktop or Laptop

iRoofing now gives contractors yet another convenient way to create and share detailed, professional roof reports…

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Diagram any roof from a satellite image.

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Identify each roof part, eaves, hips, valleys, etc.

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Set your pitch to generate precise measurements.

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Create unlimited roof reports, available instantly!

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All-Access Pass to Growing your Business + Focusing on Sales

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iRoofing works on iPads, iPhones, Android phones, and tablets. Plus, now you can access our top-rated roof measurement tools online from your desktop or anywhere, by logging in. Now measurements become a task easily performed by office personnel so that sales representatives never have to take time away from presenting and “closing” new opportunities.

Web-Based Roof Measurements FAQ's

No! As an iRoofing member, there is no limit to the number of roofing reports you can create. However, you cannot resell or redo reports for others.

Web-based Measurement Tool will be included in every current iRoofing Plan at NO additional cost.