How Technology can help make a Great First Impression

Men and women in construction trades work hard. For many, their office is the front seat of a truck and “business-casual” means Red Wing boots and Carhartt dungarees. They build, fix, install and do their paperwork in the glare of the hot sun, in cold rain, and in dust-filled rooms. Many construction professionals run their own small business and engage directly with customers. But for both big and small companies, continued success takes more than experience and a competitive estimate. It requires making a great first impression. Yes, contractors must project themselves and their business in a credible, professional and memorable way.

Psychologists at Washington University in St. Louis and Wake Forest University conducted laboratory tests and observations on subjects in first impression settings. They concluded that self-confidence makes all the difference in knowing whether someone made a good impression upon a first encounter or fell short.  So, if the key to making a good impression is confidence, where does that confidence come from? For a roofing contractor, it comes from knowing they can deliver quality results and good value, but customers potentially have lots of options with other capable, confident contractors competing for their business.

Besides solid project knowledge, experience and confident interaction with a property owner, what else could set one roofing contractor apart from another? Technology is part of the answer.

Based on research done in 2018 for the National Roofing Contractors Association by Clear Seas Research, plenty of contractors in the U.S., more than 50%, are using satellite imaging tools to perform measurements and 25% of all roofers are now using drones. But aerial measurement is by no means tech’s greatest gift to roofers. What can make the biggest difference are technology solutions that can manage a project from inception to completion. Only 1 out of every 5 roofing contractors are taking advantage of such game-changing business process management software, despite it being relatively inexpensive.

*Statistical chart is based on research conducted by Clear Seas Research – Roofing Contractor State of the Industry Report, Nov. 2018.

As Millenials age 23-38 become homeowners, contractors with technology tools gain an edge over competitors, not only by honing their business efficiency but also in making a great first impression with younger consumers.  Even the most tech-savvy buyers are surprised by the modern tools of today’s better roofing contractors, such as, satellite-driven measurement solutions and simulators that can show a new roof superimposed onto an image of their home.

Some of the technology used by the construction industry has been available for years, but more recently, innovative software developers began catering to the needs of people in construction trades.

Launched in 2012, is one of those innovators which has focused its lens on the construction sector and on the roofing profession, specifically.  From roof project inception to completion, iRoofing’s software platform illustrates how technology can drive efficiency and profitability for roofing contractors.

iRoofing offers an all-in-one solution that seamlessly combines state-of-the-art measuring and estimating tools. A sophisticated sales-presentation functionality feeds into the app’s seamlessly coordinated business process. The company is on the cutting edge of technology for roofing contractors, distributors, and manufactures, while it constantly develops new methods which advance users’ efficiency.  iRoofing works on Android and iPad tablets and will soon be available for smartphones. Thousands of contractors are already using iRoofing for their day-to-day business needs. The software solution has become so popular because those in construction who tend to resist implementing technology in their business, discover the app.s simplicity, along with strong, unlimited guidance from iRoofing’s team of software consultants and trainers.

South Florida-based iRoofing has succeeded in building the industry’s smartest and most complete selling tool for roofing contractors in North America, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia.  iRoofing’s solution runs on Android and iPad tablets and, in summer 2019, it will be available for Android phones. The app provides contractors a clear, simple-to-use interface with features including satellite, drone and blueprint measurement, a project estimator, and a roof visualizer using actual images of a customer’s home. Contractors can easily create beautiful sales presentations to show the homeowner on screen and send it to them via email. There’s also a built-in customer database and simple functions to produce digital proposals and electronic contracts. iRoofing also gives access to all the major manufacturers’ product catalogs, and tools to create and send an order to any distributor.

Big and small companies alike realize the value of iRoofing and their reviews about iRoofing contribute to its rapid growth in popularity. According to Steve Little of KPOST Roofing and Waterproofing, “My investment in iRoofing is a no-brainer, especially for a business oriented contractor. We’re saving time. We’re increasing sales. As a result, we’re growing profits. And our sales team is making more money too!”  

As a testament to just how important technology is to the success of contractors, Justin Shelton of Noland’s Roofing says, “This is the way that our business and industry is going. If you’re on the bandwagon of the old school days, you’re missing out.”

To learn more about how contractors are transforming their business with iRoofing visit

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