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People like immersive experiences that offer the thrills, skills, and chills enjoyed in a well-designed video game. Such an online experience isn’t something one might expect from a roof material manufacturer, but never underestimate Boral when it comes to being on the cutting-edge of new ideas in the roofing industry!  With the company’s Virtual Showroom, Boral has made the often mundane experience of visiting a roofing website, an adventure akin to Dungeons & Dragons. 

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When opening Boral’s website, visitors are at once invited to roam around the 3D virtual showroom.  This place isn’t just for product displays﹣it’s an interactive journey that reveals a depth of information about the Boral brand, the company’s background, demonstration videos, and educational modules in their Hanley Wood University (accredited education and professional training programs for builders and contractors). 

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Altogether, the virtual showroom experience really does deliver some thrills, skills, and chills. What are the “chills” you might ask?  Watch Boral’s video demonstrating the resilience of their roof tiles against the forces of large hail – it’s chilling in more than one way! You’ll see a hailstone the size of a golf ball fired out of an ice cannon before violently slamming into Boral’s ceramic roof tile, which weathers the punishment like water off a duck’s back. It’s replayed in dramatic slow-motion, too. 

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Visit https://boralroof.com/ and take a stroll through their virtual showroom, then think about how to incorporate similar online features in your own website. 

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