Is Your Sales Team Mobile? Tips for Using Tablets in Sales.

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Since 2010, mobile tablets have become one of the fastest growing technologies ever. The tablet is becoming a primary business tool for many professionals who are constantly on the go. By taking advantage of the key benefits of tablets, professionals can use the technology to improve their business and enhance face-to-face relationships with their clients.

Here are six ways a tablet can benefit your company and how you can learn how tablets can help you close more deals.

1. Create a Mobile Office

Tablets help professionals to complete their business on days when they can’t just run back to the office. “For the mobile professional, it’s great for the amount of information you are able to take with you,” says Sharon Tal, Sales manager at Advanced Roofing, NJ. “Now when one of our professionals goes out on a sale’s call, he can take pictures of everything, draw blueprints, upload to Dropbox and share it all with another team member or a client.”

2. Go Paperless — and Wireless

The portability of a tablet and the fact that it is always connected to the internet makes everyday tasks easier and eliminates the need for piles of paperwork, catalogs, and clunky computers. A tablet is not as messy as shuffling paperwork. It presents as a friendly and unobtrusive tool when you’re with a client in a way a laptop never will, and of course allows access to real time data anywhere anytime.

3. Increased visual engagement in demos

White papers and price sheets don’t cut it anymore when it comes to getting the attention of your prospects in the field. A tablet loaded with a colorful and engaging presentation, including animated demos, digital catalogs and technical information, becomes a conversation starter to engage customers faster as a trusted consultant. This a great advantage over the obsolete 1-way presentations that have been proven to be less effective. This positive trend challenges you to adapt to shoulder-to-shoulder presentations that create a more intimate and educational sales environment.

4. Create Interactive Presentations

Good sales people know to improvise their presentations based on the information they receive from prospects during a meeting. With a tablet, you can lose the projector or printed presentation and focus on responding to your prospect’s input. For instance, you can show your client a 3D model of her house and display your prepared project imagery, offering choices of material and colors. This will help develop a picture of what the prospect can expect the completed project to look like.

5. Collaborate With Your Client

Based on the feedback you receive, you can use a tablet to help your prospect and “own” the project. For instance, use a simulator application to visualize specific details as the client explains their vision of the project. Passing the tablet back and forth while collaborating breaks down the barrier between the seller and the buyer as you work together to create a final result. In the process, you show the customer that you are not only listening, but that you understand what they are trying to achieve and that it is important to you to get everything right. If you are unable to get a decision from the prospect on the first visit, this record will serve as a concrete reference that the client can return to when they are ready to make a decision. Just email it to them and your office while you are walking back to your car.

6. Process Credit Card Transactions Onsite

Streamline your sales process by using your tablet for credit card transactions onsite. Instead of having a client write a check during a sales transaction, take advantage of the card reader tool. These programs usually are tied into a cloud-based system, so the transaction can be tracked and immediately added to your financial data online. This way you receive the money from the sale in your account right away. While tablets can improve portability and onsite sales and marketing, remember,they will never replace your skills as a sales person. Using new technology doesn’t mean you can stop being an effective communicator. Building trust, demonstrating empathy and helping your prospect discover their best solution remains your responsibility.

Use the tablet at the right times, but use it efficiently and make sure to use it for the benefit of the customer.

There’s no technology that will make up for fundamental selling skills so don’t forget to speak clearly, and dress nicely!

Written by:
Shai Cohen

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