Roofing Season is Back. But the Rules have Changed

Roofing Now. What an Interesting Time it Is.

Last month we shared these ideas about getting ready for the new roofing season. Warmer weather has finally arrived and crews are ramping up projects all over the country. But in early February when we published 10 Ways to Prep for Roofing Season, we were just starting to hear about a new flu creeping in from the Far East. Never did we anticipate the effect coronavirus would have on every aspect of life and work around the world. For the last two months we have all been toughing it out. But despite our world turning upside down, it never stops rotating around the Sun. The seasons change. Time marches on.

In 10 Ways to Prep for Roofing Season, we outlined some great ideas. Now, we add this preface:

“Technology is the best way and sometimes the only way to win the war against the invisible enemy.”

Roofing Season

Roofers have the technology to do many pre-roof installation tasks from afar, in apps like iRoofing. But iRoofing wasn’t created to deal with the challenges of social distancing, this outcome was simply incidental. Actually, iRoofing was born almost a decade ago to make roofing now safer and more profitable.

We’ve published a plethora of articles and many pages of website content explaining how a mobile app for measurements, estimates, simulations, and presentations help roofers save time and make money by bidding more jobs and closing more sales.

Only recently have we turned our attention to how vital technology is today. In a world where property owners no longer look forward to a handshake and chat around a kitchen table with a friendly contractor, roofing pros are compelled to put mobile technology to work in another way— selling roofs from afar. 


Be sure to read our blog 10 Ways to Prep for Roofing Season. After that, check out The Ultimate Guide on How to Sell Roofs from Afar

Time to Take Technology Seriously

Come on ladies and gentlemen in roofing, it’s time to take technology SERIOUSLY and iRoofing is here to help. In these lean times, we have a lot to offer— special deals, included. You’ll never have to commit to a long term contract. We offer affordable monthly plans that allow at least three members of your team access from their devices— iPads, Android Phones, Androids tablets, and now iPhones! 

You can measure an unlimited number of roofs; create unlimited, instant estimates; and create roof simulations with an image of your client’s home or building. It’s all UNLIMITED. It’s all done REMOTELY. Even your contracts are digital and they can be signed online with a simple plug-in like DocuSign.

  • Unlimited, instant roof reports
  • Dynamite digital presentations 
  • Bid more jobs and close from afar
  • Special offers to get you started
  • Never a need to commit to a long-term subscription
  • Works on iPads, iPhones, Android phones & tablets
  • Allows access to 3 users/devices and options to add more
  • Turn social distancing into a competitive advantage

In our blog, 10 Ways to Prep for Roofing Season, we encouraged you to get ahead of the competition with preemptive roof takeoffs on properties with aging roofs. That’s just one example of all the things you can do from afar in this unprecedented time of social distancing. 

Excerpt from 10 Ways to Prep for Roofing Season: 

Launch a preemptive strike! There are future customers out there who don’t know that the roof over their heads might be about to spring a leak. Check out our ideas on how you can make great use of unlimited roof reports by visiting this blog. And if you really want to deliver some shock and awe, use our Roof Visualizer to make a pitch your prospect will never forget! These preemptive bids will only take minutes.

Like we said back in early February when the world was more recognizable … Go forth and prosper!  With remote technology you can do that. 

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