Roofing Logos that Stand Out: Examples of Effective Design

Roofing logo

A roofing logo that stands out is more important in a highly competitive business world than ever. If you own a roofing business, designing an impactful logo is key to getting the attention of prospective (and current) customers. We’ve gathered a few creative roofing logo ideas and examples to inspire you, along with some of the essential components of compelling roofing company logos that you need to incorporate into your unique logo.

Roofing logo – what's important in your new logo

Compelling, memorable branding is critical to creating the best roofing logos. Start by thinking about what makes your roofing business stand out and what qualities you possess as a company. Brainstorm a few words or phrases you’d like to convey through your logo. Whether you can provide quality services at a great price or have a family-owned company, each characteristic should be present in the roof logo design.

First, you’ll want to ensure the logo makes it easy for customers to know what you offer just by glancing at it. Differentiate whether you’re a commercial or residential roofer through various designs. Come up with a list of the three or four most important things you want people to think of when they hear about your company and brand. Add these to the logo to be unique, creative, and memorable.

You’ll instantly reap the benefits when you have an awesome and creative roof logo. People will know who you are, what you’re offering, and what makes you different. Start by determining what you need to include in the logo — such as a custom image, company colors, and text. Adding your finalized logo to business cards, pens, uniforms, and vehicles will spread the word about your company. A solid, well-designed logo also makes you easily recognizable. Over time, people will know who your company is, what you have to offer, and how they can reach you.

Here are some other ways your roof company can benefit from a unique logo design:

  • A great roofing business logo design will grab customers’ attention while communicating your core values in a creative and exciting way.
  • Your logo is often the first thing people see before they contact you, so create a positive and lasting first impression that people will remember.
  • Whatever you choose, the final logo will become part of your roofing company’s identity, so make sure it’s something you plan to use for a long time.
  • Visually pleasing and unique logos are memorable to customers and evoke positive connotations about your business.
  • An awesome logo helps you stand apart from the competition, making people more likely to choose your company over others.
roof logo

Modern roofing logo

What exactly goes into designing modern roofing logos? You should include a few basic elements in your marketing and logo design to be up-to-date and contemporary. What you decide to use is entirely up to you, but there are a couple of options you should consider:

  • Some logos feature just the brand name in a stylized way, such as FedEx or Google. 
  • Others, like Twitter, prefer to use just a simple image. 

You can blend an image with text or pick one or the other based on your preference.

Look for designs and several roofing logo images you can compare and contrast. You might explore a few versions of your proposed logo with just the text, a graphic, or a combination of the two. Some other options may include your company motto or slogan underneath the image to tie it all together. Not only will the logo become part of your everyday branding and marketing, but it will also help you network at important industry-related events and roofing tradeshows.

You’ll want to ensure your logo works in conjunction with roofing industry standards by using the logo, font, colors, images, and core messaging in a clear, consistent way. Once the logo is designed and approved, include it in all your promotional, print, and digital marketing materials. Display this logo in different sizes with slight variations depending on where you use it, but overall, it needs to remain reasonably consistent. Add it to everything you use for marketing, including your social media accounts and roofing business website.

Here are some tips to help you design up-to-date and on-trend roofing logos for today’s customers:

  • Use simple and clear fonts: >Fancy fonts might look nice, but they can be confusing and difficult to read. Stick with simple, sleek fonts that are bold yet simple so customers and clients can read your logo at a glance.
  • Consider size and orientation: Make sure your new logo looks great, whether in large or small format. Remember, you’ll be using this logo everywhere, from various promotional items, business cards, and employee uniforms, to the sides of your trucks. Adopt multiple logo orientations, so it’s easy to add to anything.
  • Creative colors: Look into utilizing several versions of your logo in terms of color. You may include full-color, black-and-white, and inverse versions. You may also need to incorporate a few alternative versions of the logo using different colors based on whether it’s on a white, black, or colored background.
  • Keep it simple: While you want your new logo to be unique and creative, it’s still important to ensure it’s sleek and straightforward. Logos that are too “busy” or too complex could confuse customers or lead them to look for a roofing company elsewhere. Your brand initials or a simple image of your choice are easy ways to design something simple and to the point.

Whatever your final draft entails, the final goal is to make sure people remember your name and brand. Focusing directly on who you are and what you offer is the most effective way to create brand recognition and awareness.

creating roofing logo

See other logos from other roofing companies

  1.  Lane Roofing: This simple yet creative roofing business logo features the first word of the business, “Lane,” in a bold black font that slopes down to form the side of a roof, while the word “Roofing” appears in bright red directly underneath it. A small window is found under the roof, making it clear this is a home, which indicates it’s a residential roofing company.
  2.  Covelli Roofing & Contracting: A modern choice of colors and a simple design give this logo a distinctive look. The top half of the logo features a dark gray roof, while the bottom half features a reflection of the roof upside down in a bright blue color. The letter C is in the center of the two roofs, then the word Covelli continues along with the text “roofing & contracting” so customers know that they do more than just roof installations. The combination of bright blue and dark gray, oversized lettering, and the double roof design gives this logo a bold look customers will remember.
  3.  ECO Commercial Roofing: This commercial roofing company combines bright green and yellow colors for an eye-popping aesthetic. The unique graphic boasts a green city skyline with a tall yellow block behind it. The word ECO in green letters sits next to the image, and the words “commercial roofing” are featured in green on top of a matching yellow background. A roof shape sits above the entire logo with lines of yellow and green, giving this bold and bright logo a consistent look. The company also makes it clear that they do commercial roofing, so using the city skyline ties that concept together nicely.
best roofing logo

Roofing logos ideas

If you need more tips and roofing company logo ideas, here are some easy ways to design your logo to promote your business creatively.


  1.  Always use legible fonts that are easy to decipher from a distance, ensuring the font choice doesn’t cover any intricate designs.
  2. Consider your location for design imagery that relates to you and your business. For example, if you live in Florida, a palm tree is a great way to help you connect with customers where they live.
  3. Try to use no more than three colors for the logo. Too many colors can look muddled, making the logo confusing and chaotic.
  4. Make sure your company name is clear, and brainstorm a few keywords related to your business. You can use those keywords as part of the word’s shape, size, or color to figure out how to incorporate them into the logo’s main image.
  5. Keep your theme consistent, evoking reliability and credibility whenever people see the logo.
  6. Use bold, professional colors, avoiding bright or flashy colors that won’t help your business look serious and professional.
  7. Look for some roofing logo templates you can use as inspiration. Just ensure you’re only using them as a springboard, not copying them directly, or you risk having a logo that looks just like your competition.

Roofing logos FAQs

If you need help, hire a professional graphic designer or a marketing team that understands how to design business logos. You can always share any ideas with them, and they’ll help you turn your vision into a reality.
Before you start using your new logo, asking for the advice and opinions of trusted family members and friends can’t hurt. You should also ask a few people you know in similar industries what they think of the logo.

Your roofing logo should be unique, but getting inspiration from other roofing companies inside and outside your local area can’t hurt. Looking at these logos can help you develop a few ideas, but make sure that it’s completely different and unique from the others.

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