Protect Your Bids with Dynamic DIY Roof Reports

roofing takeoff

Enhanced roof reports let you display the level of detail best for you.

  • You’re in control over what information you want to share with others. So, no one can take your work and bid it out to other contractors! 
  • No more busy sketches crowded by overlapping measurements and labels.
  • Separate closeups of roof sections for easier readability.

Perform roof measurements and turn them into professional, digital roof reports with your company branding. It’s one of the first steps to bidding a job and winning it!  Now, learn how you can control who sees what in any detailed takeoff you create with iRoofing’s advanced software.

But, how do you avoid having a property owner simply take your roof report and share it with another contractor? Now, that company has exactly what they need to underbid you, without lifting a finger. You put a lot of work into producing a fair and detailed bid. You may have also invested in roofing software that enables you to create nice, accurate presentations in a convenient format so clients can review the job with you on your tablet or as an attachment to an email. Don’t let your go expertise be cooped by someone else.

With roofing software like iRoofing, you can easily control how much or how little detail to share with the property owner. You can still have a job-winning digital roof report without displaying every single line item price and handsome roof diagrams showing every minute detail. So, if you think the property owner is on the fence and likely to shop for lower bids using the detail you shared with them, hide all that information.  It’s fine to walk them through a meticulous, detailed report during an in-home presentation, but turn over to them a simplified, printed or digital report that displays only general specs… and protect your bid!

iRoofing’s Estimator feature also allows you to control what level of detail to display  hiding all but the nicely rendered diagrams; the lump sum for labor & materials; a subtotal;  taxes, and a grand total

The Anatomy of a Roof Report

roof report

1. Once you complete measuring and labeling the roof from a satellite, aerial, drone or blueprint image, tap the “Report” button.

roof take off

2. Here is what the top portion of your instant Roof Report looks like. It’s branded with your company logo. All the details will follow showing the linear feet and inches for each roof part – eaves, hips, ridges, rakes, valleys… You can also switch to metric measurements, if need be. 

measuring roof

3. Your detailed diagram looks like it could have been created by a skilled architect or draftsman! But, it’s even better than any manual attempt to create a detailed sketch. Not only are these diagrams generated instantly but, for complex roofs, every section of the roof having complicated shapes and overhangs is given its own close-up drawing automatically.

reporting roof details

4. Now that you’ve seen all the precise details, it’s time to decide how much or how little detail you’re willing to share with a client.  That’s simple too. Just use the circular check boxes next to each roof part and the details disappear from your roof report. What remains is a full, illustrated presentation with all the excellent diagrams but only the total measurements. You might prefer to use this simplified report when sharing it as an email attachment or printout. This makes it more difficult to be leveraged by any competitor who gets their hands on it.

linear feet roof

5. Whether your Roof Report shows all of the finer details, or you’ve chosen to display just the highest-level measurements, you’ll now be able to instantly generate an estimate using the app. iRoofing’s Estimator tool has similar controls to the Roof Report tool. You can show just the diagrams; the lump sum for labor & materials; a subtotal; taxes, and a grand total.

We Empower Contractors!

To make sure you have all the technology  needed to do professional digital roof takeoffs remotely, instantly and on an unlimited number of properties, signup here, then download the latest version of iRoofing for iPads in AppStore or get go to Google Play to get iRoofing for Android tablets, and for phones. (Coming Soon to iPhones.)

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