Roofing’s Biggest Event, IRE 2022, Comes to New Orleans

IRE 2022

International Roofing Expo 2022 - New Orleans, LA

As the world comes to grips with the idea that the coronavirus and its variants are going to be around indefinitely— like a scarier version of the common cold— we are all finding our way back to work-as-usual and a modicum of sanity. We may not be quite there yet, but little by little, certain things we lost and took for granted are returning to our lives and livelihoods, including the International Roofing Expo!

The IRE has hobbled along during the Draconian period of social distancing, masks, inoculations, and obsessive sanitization of everything touchable and breathable. But this year, from February 1-3, IRE 2022 is taking place in New Orleans, Louisiana with only a few safety precautions related to COVID.

What's in Store for IRE 2022?

Career Insights

The IRE 2022 provides an opportunity for attendees to glean valuable information about furthering their careers in the rewarding field of residential and commercial roofing. Even the most successful roofing contractors can learn how to grow their business through presentations and seminar sessions hosted by leaders in the industry.

Exciting Exhibits of Innovative Roofing Products, Services, and Technology

All the leading manufacturers and suppliers in the roofing industry will be on hand to show off their wares! Become a more informed roofing contractors by seeing and learning what’s new in the roofing, including remarkable tech tools that enable roofing professionals to bid more jobs, close more sales, and manage their projects from afar. iRoofing will be located in booth #549 where contractors can test drive the #1 DIY roofing software for measuring, estimating, simulating, presenting and managing projects. The IRE expo hall is buzzing with activity and opportunities for contractors to discover and source the latest products and services.

Meet New Partners and Old Friends
IRE 2022 in New Orleans is where contractors can engage with roofing industry peers. Literally thousands of roofing professionals will be attending the expo, so there is no better chance on Earth to make important new connections, as well as visit with contractors who are ready to share ideas about moving the industry forward, even in these still uncertain times.

Mark Your Calendar for All Roofing Industry Events throughout the Year.

Roofing Contractors and others in the building profession are fortunate to have many opportunities to attend roofing and building expos held throughout North America each year. iRoofing has gathered information on many of these from 2021 and into this calendar year.   Visit our industry events blog, here

Have Your Mask and Vax Card On-Hand for IRE 2022 (*Sigh*)

With the event only days away, contractors who are still interested in attending IRE 2022, but have not yet registered, can check out the registration page for the big annual soirée. You might be able to snag a free exposition hall pass or get 20% off a Super Pass. Try using promo code: GLNSP15

Become a Hi-Tech Contractor This Year…

IRE las vegas 2021

If you are a contractor who hasn’t gotten on board yet with roofing technology, check out iRoofing in booth 549.  We know that many roofing professionals are hands-on workmen and women who rather shun technology and do things the traditional way. That’s admirable.  But, try to give technology a chance. Thousands of successful roofing contractors all over North America are using iRoofing to bid more jobs and close more sales, while working safely from anywhere, anytime thanks to remote roof measurements, estimates, new roof simulations, and digital customer management— and isn’t that what it’s all about, growing your business and operating at peak performance?   iRoofing’s best software consultants will reveal the incredible features of the industry’s most full featured DIY roofing software, so be there or be SQ!

Stay tuned to iRoofing’s blog for more articles about this year’s IRE 2022.  We’ll be gathering information on all things new and exciting in the world of roofing, so even it you can not attend, you can learn about some of the innovations coming your way by visiting the iRoofing blog page

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