How to Get a Roofing License in Florida

florida roofing license requirements

Getting a Roofer License in the Sunshine State

Getting a Roofer License in Florida

The American dream of owning your own home may be a daunting challenge for new home buyers, but home purchases and building starts always seem to be rising. Millions of charming homes dot the landscape of the U.S. from sea to shining sea. Home styles of all kinds define the American way of life – styles influenced by the many cultures who settled here with a yearning for a new start but a desire to bring a little bit of their motherland here with them. While there will never be any particular type of architecture that reflects Americana, one thing is in common about all houses here and everywhere… a roof!

Opportunities abound for men and women with a knack for building things and the thirst to pursue that American dream by becoming a roofing pro – a livelihood that can be very fruitful! But it takes more than a knack for building and for managing a business to become a roofer – at least in most states in the USA. 

Some states, as is the case with Florida, demand a roofing contractor’s license for statewide operations, or roofer certificate of completion for localized operations. Other states require something more general, using terminology like “specialty contractor.” This article will address some of the basics about how to get a roofing license in Florida.

Many of the most populated states — where the biggest markets lie for roofing professionals — require contractors to be licensed. Florida, California, Illinois, New York… all regulate the roofing business, as do many other states. On the other hand, roofers in Georgia do not legally require a license, as they are considered an “exempt specialty contractor.” Texas is similar in that roofers are not considered specialty contractors, as are plumbers and electricians. The moral of the story is that if you intend to establish a business in roof repair and replacement, carefully check which certifications and licenses are required in your state or the area(s) in which you plan to operate.

Licenses or Certifications Required to Be a Roofing Contractor in Florida

County / District Registered
State Certified
Demonstrate roofing knowledge/experience
FICO score higher than 660
Obtain certificate of competency from local licensing authority
Bond or Letter of Credit when FICO score is under 660
Complete a background check
Fingerprints for criminal background check
Obtain/maintain proper business insurance
Clearance of Leins and/or bankruptcy judgments
FICO score higher than 660
Proof of financial responsibility
Proof of financial responsibility
Workers’ Comp @ $500K aggregate, $100K/occurence
Completion of application and payment of fees ($209-$309)
GC Liability Insurance – $300K public liabilty, $50K property damage
Pass the Florida roofing license exam (4-6 week process)
Completion of application and payment of fees ($149-$249)
Certifications Required to Be a Roofing Contractor in Florida

Roofers who are applying for a Florida roofing license in the Sunshine State should expect the entire process to take approximately 4 to 6 weeks.  

People who plan to start a roofing business often wonder how to get a roofing license in Florida — a state which is fairly strict in its requirements for contractors to be either state “certified” or locally “registered” in a particular county or township. The process of acquiring a license takes about 4 to 6 weeks, if things go smoothly. Those who become locally registered may not be able to serve property owners statewide. Refer to the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation to learn more about obtaining a Florida roofing contractors license. Contractors need to be attentive to a number of requirements, among them are to show knowledge and experience in roofing, go through a background check and carry business insurance. To be registered as a contractor requires a roof certificate form, insurance, and proof of financial responsibility.

Florida Roofing License Requirements. Where to Find the Details...

Get to know all the details on acquiring a Florida roofing contractor license and what’s involved in a local registration and a state certification by visiting the official site of the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

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How to Become a Licensed Roofing Contractor in Florida

It’s not hard to imagine why the government wants roofing professionals to be thoroughly checked out.  Too many unscrupulous individuals have tried to take advantage of homeowners and business owners, especially in states that are vulnerable to severe weather.  Florida is also a place with many elderly and foreign residents who may be easily convinced to accept an offer that sounds too good to be true, trusting that a contractor here is always playing by the rules. Trusting others is a virtuous trait but neglecting to find out if a roofer is truly qualified can lead to poor results.  As the old saying goes — “Trust but verify!”

Roofing Software Helps Roofing Contractors Reinforce Their Professionalism

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First impressions go a long way, and roofing contractors seem to be naturally-born marketing gurus with their attention-grabbing truck wraps, logoed t-shirts and caps, cool websites, and shiny business cards. When a professional roofer pulls up to a property in a Dodge Ram 1500 or Ford F-250 festooned with graphics that promote their workmanship, client instantly feels some initial confidence in hiring them. Later, when they pull out their smartphone or tablet to review the project ahead and see the company’s brand presentation including the company’s credentials, like its Florida roofing license, roofing manufacturers certifications, manufacturer endorsements, and client testimonials— WOW! — that’s what cinches the sale.  With the roofing software developed by iRoofing, roofing professionals can bid more jobs and close more sales with digital roof reports, accurate estimates, real life roof simulations and more!

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