We Measured the Most Haunted Places in The U.S.

Haunted hotel in California

Traumatize Your Kids with these SQy Ghost Stories.

Halloween comes but once a year and for moms, dads, uncles, aunts, and aBOOlitos, it’s payback time! Time to let your spoiled little ones know that life isn’t always a bed of roses.  There are ghosts and goblins at every turn! These stories will prove it.

We researched five terrifying places, and, to make sure they really exist we used iRoofing to capture the aerial images of each. Then we carefully measured their roofs. What we discovered was truly SQy.

“A Soul Too Young to Die”

Ghosts haunting USF roof measurement

USF Library - 532.92 SQs (Flat Roof)
Tampa, FL

Not long ago, back in 1976, a student assistant at the University of South Florida’s library died tragically. Legend has it she hanged herself from the branch of a tree outside her off-campus apartment. Apparently, the young co-ed was not quite ready to leave this Earth nor her daily duties in the library where she helped out in the English literature section. To this day, she still comes through the building’s main glass doors which chillingly swing open to let her faint visage drift inside. One of many witnesses, Ana Maria Bohorquez, swears that she encountered the restless spirit while investigating the legend. Someone, she attests, bent down behind her and whispered in her ear, words too frightening to share in this report. The dead co-ed still quietly haunts the lonely isles of the fourth floor, adhering to library etiquette. But she occasionally makes her presence known, sharing dark secrets through eerie whispers as she comes up behind you and puts her cold lips to your ear.

“Never Leave a Sailor Hanging”

Haunted hotel in California

The Whaley House - 32.47 SQs (Flat / Shingle)
San Diego, California

Built in 1857, The Whaley House is said to be California’s most haunted place. It is here that an unsettled soul still stirs – the ghost of James Robinson. “Yankee Jim” simply refuses to let the living rest. You see, Jim was hanged on the property long ago for allegedly stealing a boat. Robinson’s heavy footsteps can be heard pacing around inside the house and visitors have reported seeing apparitions of a fisherman, his head excruciatingly cocked to one side, and a tortured expression on his face accentuated by a stream of blood coming from the corner of his mouth, just as if he were freshly dropped from the gallows. The footsteps sound as if the ghost of Jim is wearing heavy rubber boots.  Some speculate that Yankee Jim was unjustly accused leaving his spirit deeply bitter by the travesty. Now, he’s back forevermore to exact his revenge by terrifying those who patronize the grounds on which his neck was snapped, leaving him cold, dead and dangling in the side yard of The Whaley House.

“Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned”

Ghost haunting Savannah measurement report

17Hundred90 Inn - 53.98 SQs (Flat / Shingle)
Savannah, Georgia

Savannah has a healthy population of old ghosts and one of the creepiest is Anne who haunts the 17Hundred90 Inn.  Guests with the gumption to book their stay in room 204 of the inn have reported finding that someone or something had entered their room and left their belongings in disarray. The culprit is almost always the ghost of Anne! It’s her signature. Her modus operandi. Unable to rest in peace, Anne is said to be forever mourning the loss of her lover. Right after her beau dumped her, Anne was so distraught that she hurled herself from a second-story balcony of the inn, smashing her head onto the brick courtyard… dead in a sudden, violent instant as she wished. Yet, Anne still dwells among the living, sneaking into room 204 of the 17Hundred90 Inn uninvited and again unwanted.

“Out of Lutz”

Amityville Horror house in New York

Amityville Horror House - 18.78 SQs (Shingle)
Amityville, New York

Everyone knows about the Amityville Horror… Well, it wasn’t just a celluloid screamer but a true and terrifying tale. On a chilly night in November 1974, Ronald DeFeo Jr. brutally murdered six members of his family inside the Long Island residence. His victims met their maker while forced to lie facedown on the floor, each shot with a .35 caliber Remington slug from DeFeo’s gun. That didn’t stop the Lutz family from moving into the gambrel-roofed Dutch colonial home a year later, refusing to be deterred by the prospect of any evil spirits. Yet, just 28 days after they moved in, George Lutz, his wife, and their three children fled in fear and never returned. They had been unmercifully terrorized by close encounters of the paranormal kind! Had these devilish forces always inhabited the forsaken house?  Did the same sinister specters inspire DeFeo to commit his deadly acts? We dare you to trick-or-treat upon these hallowed grounds.

“Pity Party for The Deceased”

Haunted hotel in Texas

Menger Hotel - 572.44 SQs (Flat Roof)
San Antonio, Texas

Long ago Sallie White, a beloved staffer at the Menger Hotel which is just steps from The Alamo, was brutally shot down in the street by her jealous, common-law husband. In the throes of death, they placed Sallie’s bullet-riddled but still breathing body in a room on the 3rd floor of the hotel. There, she succumbed to her wounds two days later. Hoping to ward off any curse, the hotel paid for Sallie’s coffin and burial expenses, but in the world of the paranormal no one buys their way out of the torments of the dead. Sallie still lurks in the hallways of the Menger Hotel. As beloved as she was in life, she apparently remains so in death because, over the course of time, witnesses have reported seeing more than forty ghosts haunting the halls and rooms of the old hotel! Maybe they are her former co-workers.

Tell us about a haunted house in your state. Have you ever seen a ghost yourself? Hit us up on Twitter at #SQyStories.

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