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Weyerhaeuser invites you to explore the nature & wildlife of its land holdings.

As we battle the dastardly COVID-19 virus and its variants, the price and availability of lumber is subsiding, at least for now.  The price rises of 2020-2021 ($1,686 per thousand board feet as of May 2021, an increase of 406% from the $333 compared to May 2020) were caused by multiple factors – severe disruptions in transportation, a spike in home remodeling, and Canadian lumber tariffs.

While much of the lumber in the U.S. comes from Canada’s vast forest resources, the U.S. produces its fair share, ranking 2nd to Canada as an exporter of lumber. (Incidentally, the industrial definition of lumber is harvested wood, whether cut into logs, heavy timbers, or members used in light-frame construction.)

One of the biggest producers of lumber is Seattle-based Weyerhaeuser Company which owns 12,400,000 acres (almost 20,000 sq. miles) of domestic timberland, making it one of the largest landholders on the continent. The average person cringes when they think of how much lumber is used the world over to satisfy the ravenous appetite of builders, developers… right on down to property owners. We sometimes think of the beautiful, oxygenating trees lost to the teeth of chainsaws and giant harvesting machines, but  Weyerhaeuser is actually a responsible steward of American forests. Afterall, the company’s future depends on sustaining the raw material that goes into making all the framing and decking used by roofing professionals and other lumber products used throughout the building industry.

Not only does Weyerhaeuser have an aggressive forestry management ethic, the company is so proud of its woodlands that they invite citizens of the world to explore all the nature and wildlife therein.

Weyerhauser roofing
Image courtesy of Weyerhaeuser

Weyerhaeuser’s land ownership includes rugged mountains and scenic rivers in the Pacific Northwest, tranquil lakes and hardwood forests in the Northeast, and balmy Southern pine forests from Virginia to Texas. Wildlife thrives in the company’s sustainable forests. Thanks to long-standing commitments to proper stewardship these lands endure for future generations to explore.

No matter if one’s passion is fishing, birdwatching, hunting, camping, hiking, or mountain biking, Weyerhaeuser has destinations to indulge a wide range of outdoor enthusiasts.

Visit Weyerhaeuser’s recreation webpage for more information.

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